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LSAT Distractions: the 7 Week Itch

When people study for the December or February LSAT, they almost always do so with a sense of urgency; up against application deadlines with little time to prep, it’s definitely go time. There’s a lot of stress involved in …

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Your LSAT got snowed out – what comes next?

When you were a little kid, snow days were awesome! Now, not so much, especially if you were all psyched up to write the LSAT on Saturday, but Mother Nature, J.D., had other plans. If you were supposed to write …

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Predicting the October LSAT

If you could pick one advantage to lord over your LSAT competitors, what would it be? Formal logic-seeking heat vision? The ability to roadmap complicated passages in a single bound? Logic games-defying sketching powers? Better fashion sense? (If you picked …

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What to expect on LSAT Test Day

Most of my students recently took their final in-class practice LSAT before the big exam on June 10th. An important part of the practice experience is running through what will actually happen on Test Day, so you’re prepared …

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Changing your LSAT test date – Key info for June 2013

If you’re registered for the June LSAT, you should have just received an email from LSAC about ID requirements, admissions ticket requirements and test change procedures.

Most of the information is identical to past tests, but there are a …

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The LSAT Writing Sample – Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

I was speaking with some of my students during our class break today and the conversation turned to the LSAT Writing Sample – the least feared section of the LSAT. I don’t think we’ve ever discussed it here in the …

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Spotlight on Logical Reasoning – Principle Questions

While it’s tough to see how some of the tasks you’ve been set on the LSAT relate to the study or practice of law, that’s not the case for principle questions – an “up and coming” Logical Reasoning question type.…

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Common Logical Flaws – Part 3

Are you a master of the flaw? When you see a commercial on TV, can you spot the advertiser’s twisty logic? If not, don’t despair – part 3 of our series on LSAT logical flaws completes our journey down …

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Common LSAT Logical Flaws – Part 2

Part of your success on Test Day will relate to your ability to quickly recognize the common patterns that appear on the LSAT. Toward that goal we’re examining the most common logical flaws that appear in the Logical Reasoning

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Common LSAT logical flaws – Part 1

It’s amazing how pervasive illogical reasoning is – especially in commercials during election season. Logical flaws also play a large role on the LSAT; the better you are at identifying the most common ones, the higher your score will …

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