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Postponing Test Day for a Better LSAT Score

Using a practice test as an effective study tool can sometimes involve being brutally honest with yourself—especially when you’re not hitting your target LSAT score close to Test Day. There are tough questions you may need to ask, weighing the …

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How to Hit Your Target LSAT Score

How to Hit Your Target LSAT Score

Perhaps the most common question that we get asked is what it actually takes to hit a target LSAT score. Today, we’ll share with you the not-so-top-secret recipe for taking the LSAT and doing your best on Test Day.

Utilizing …

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Top Ten Funniest Test Responses Ever

By Malcolm Aquino

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Ah Finals Week! It’s the time of year where your friends vanish along with …

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To Test or Not to Test – Should you take the June LSAT?

It’s crunch time! The June administration of the LSAT is a mere 5 days away and many people thinking about test day are wondering: Should or shouldn’t I take the exam? How should the decision be made?

It is important …

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Fit and Ready for the February LSAT

On Monday we talked about getting ready for the February exam by being sure to get enough sleep. If you are going to do well on this grueling test you have to be at your best mentally and physically.


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Quality or Quantity: The Best Approach to Getting Points on the LSAT

A question I hear ALL the time is, when it comes to points on the LSAT, is it is better to rush and get to as many questions as possible or to slow down and just try really hard …

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February: Perfect for Groundhogs, Leaping & LSAT Prep?

February is a funny month: it’s the shortest, yet it’s stuffed with holidays.  From Groundhog’s Day on February 2 to this Leap Year’s addition of a bonus February 29th, this little month is big into celebrating. February is also a …

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5 Things Not To Forget On Test Day

Tomorrow’s the big day – test day. Good luck to all of you. Here are five final reminders before you walk into the testing room.

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of a positive attitude. Nothing good can come from negativity, but …

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How do I maximize my points in Logic Games on Test Day?

Logic Games are a formidable foe for sure; they take time and practice to master. But, you may be able to seize more points right away if you’re willing to follow some important rules. (There’s some formal logic for ya.) …

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Canceling Your LSAT Score – Making the Decision

Ideally, every person who takes the LSAT goes into the testing center, takes the test, and leaves feeling confident that great results will follow. However, it’s inevitable that some test takers will succumb to the pressure of Test Day and …

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