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7 Tips for Balancing LSAT Prep with a Full Schedule

So it’s time to study for the LSAT—or at least schedule your LSAT prep—and you somehow have to balance this with a full schedule.

You may be changing careers, or perhaps you’ve discovered that a law degree would be an …

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LSAT Distractions: the 7 Week Itch

When people study for the December or February LSAT, they almost always do so with a sense of urgency; up against application deadlines with little time to prep, it’s definitely go time. There’s a lot of stress involved in …

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LSAT + Summer = Awesome times!

If you’re still in school, you’re probably just finishing exams right now (or you may be among the lucky few who are done). You may already have your summer plans set (job, relaxation, backpacking across Europe, etc) and you’re wondering …

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The Value of a Law Degree

If you’re like 99.9% of others studying for the LSAT, at some point (probably when you were staring through blurry eyes at a logic game) you’ve wondered “is it really worth it?” You’ve already got (or are close to …

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LSAT Superheroes – the League of LSAT Superstars

OK – so maybe the League of LSAT Superstars™ isn’t quite as famous as the Justice League of America – and maybe you’d still call the Avengers first when a Norse God invades the planet, but if you’re looking for …

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The LSAT: It is relevant to law school and beyond.

By:  Aaron Abernathy

It’s fair to say that many, if not most, LSAT test-takers don’t find studying for the LSAT the most fun they ever had. Many dislike it with an intensity that’s only slightly less than that of a …

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The LSAT: Best Study Habits Part Two


Here are tips three and four… 

Bad Habit #3:  Not committing to your study schedule.

 You want to be a lawyer.  You WILL be a lawyer.  Don’t be that person who has an achievable dream and throws it away …

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The LSAT: Best Study Habits Part I

You may be wondering why there’s a picture of a man rocking a 70’s mullet drinking from the Stanley Cup in an LSAT blog.

Our stylish friend in the picture?  He’s partaking of the time-honoured tradition of Stanley Cup winners, …

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The Top 3 Mistakes LSAT Test-Takers Will Make Next Year

Navigating that space between excitedly reading John Grisham novels and sitting down for the first time in a 1L Civil Procedure class can be tricky. In order to make that journey a successful one, here are three big mistakes to

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The LSAT Writing Sample: The Final Frontier

Some hard-nosed season savorers refuse to don cozy sweaters until the first technicolor leaves blaze from the trees, while others curse retail materialism as they abstain from trimming the tree until the day after Thanksgiving (or at least after the …

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