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October LSAT 2013: You’ve Got This

Happy October LSAT Eve, everyone! We wanted to share with you how confident, impressed, and proud of you we all are here at Kaplan. In all of your comments, questions, and participation here on the blog, on our social media, …

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the180 Live! This Monday: Predicting the October LSAT

Kaplan 180 Live: Predicting the October LSAT!

Join us this Monday, September 30th at 8pm EST for Kaplan’s 180 Live to Predict the October LSAT! Kaplan’s LSAT Research and Development Team has dived into all of the data, statistics, and analytics so we can let you know …

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Last minute LSAT study tips

There’s only a few days left before the October LSAT. For many of you, that means that the day you’ve both looked forward to and dreaded is almost here! Just think – in less than a week you’ll never …

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October LSAT: 6 Tips for Last Minute Prep

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Did you just look at the calendar and realize how soon the next LSAT administration, really is? Maybe you registered for the test some time ago and got caught up in work, school, family, or other fun. Or maybe …

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Retaking the LSAT in October – Part Two

The previous discussion covered questions you should ask yourself regarding your previous performance, now we’re looking toward the future …

As you contemplate whether you should retake the test, you need to consider your past performance but you also need …

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You’ve taken the June LSAT – should you retake the LSAT in October?

To retake or not to retake the LSAT in October?


Every summer – without fail – this turns out to be one of the most often-asked questions that I get from my law school applicants.  (Actually, it wins out …

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October LSAT Flash Feedback

Tens of thousands of prospective law school applicants woke up on Sunday morning with a major feeling of relief (and perhaps a small hangover, too… not that we condone it) – the LSAT is done! Oh Yeah! While lots of …

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