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Throw Down: Necessary vs. Sufficient LSAT Assumption Questions

LSAT Fight: Necessary vs. Sufficient Assumptions

LSAT assumption questions are the backbone of the LSAT Logical Reasoning section– the argument principles underlying assumption questions form the basis of the whole shebang!  It makes sense that getting really, really good at assumptions will get us to …

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Getting Greedy: LSAT Reading Comp Tips

LSAT Reading Comp is many a student’s favorite section… when they start preparing. Why? It looks familiar (we’ve seen similar articles, and most of us have taken tests with reading comp), and most people can get some things right in …

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Logic Games Problems? Hack Your Way to Successful Studying

final countdownLSAT logic games problems are extremely common, especially at the beginning of your preparation process, because they are, straight up, the weirdest looking thing on the test. But even if you are great at games, good at games, or feeling …

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LSAT Reading Comp Practice Questions: Get Thee To The Text!

Today, we examine the first four LSAT reading comp practice questions based on the passage we broke down last week, paragraph by paragraph, Kaplan strategic reading-style!  If you missed the passage, definitely check that out first, then try the …

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THE MUPPETS PRESENT… LSAT Logical Reasoning Tips!

Everybody loves the Muppets (and if you don’t love the Muppets, I can’t talk to you anyway because doing so could violate a fundamental truth of my existence), which makes them the ideal ambassadors for some friendly LSAT logical reasoning …

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Let Them Eat Pi: What Pi Day Can Teach Us About the LSAT

Pi Day Pie

For those of you who might be a little rusty on your high school geometry, pi is a mathematical constant that rounds to about 3.14159.  Today, 3/14, is Pi Day, beloved by geeks the world over, and celebrated by such …

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Tomorrow is LSAT Test Day! What should you do tonight?

LSAT Prepare!

All of those long hours of studying have led you here, to the day before LSAT test day!  Take a second to pat yourself on your back, and then think about what you should be doing tonight to make sure …

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February LSAT Help: 10 Ways to Get Down to Business for Test Day

If it seems like it was November approximately ten seconds ago and you still had plenty of time and days off from school and work to get ready for the February LSAT, you are probably freaking out right now.  Many …

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What it Actually Takes to Hit a Goal LSAT Score

The biggest question we probably get asked as LSAT teachers is what it actually takes to hit a goal LSAT score, so today I’m going to share with you the not-so-top secret prescription to get the score you need on …

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An LSAT Checklist for the New Year

Successful LSAT preparation is half state of mind– which is why this time of year is such a great opportunity to re-evaluate your law school ambitions.  What still needs to be done?  Start creating an LSAT checklist of things to …

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