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7 Tips for Balancing LSAT Prep with a Full Schedule

So it’s time to study for the LSAT—or at least schedule your LSAT prep—and you somehow have to balance this with a full schedule.

You may be changing careers, or perhaps you’ve discovered that a law degree would be an …

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Your LSAT got snowed out – what comes next?

When you were a little kid, snow days were awesome! Now, not so much, especially if you were all psyched up to write the LSAT on Saturday, but Mother Nature, J.D., had other plans. If you were supposed to write …

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun – and High LSAT Scores

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – and High LSAT Scores

Recently LSAC studied performance trends on the LSAT and released its findings to the general public.  The study was not necessarily a scientific one – results were based on test takers information that was voluntarily submitted; the information received was

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LSAT Hits and Myths

There is a commercial running in the NY area for a major insurance company (I am not sure if it’s available in other states but it makes very frequent appearances here in NY) that is pretty funny but with an

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Breaking News: Applications are Down! Law School without the LSAT

This was an interesting week for news related to law school; one report focused on the drop in law school applications and another offers hope to those struggling with the LSAT. While so many are preparing for the LSAT

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The Value of a Law Degree

If you’re like 99.9% of others studying for the LSAT, at some point (probably when you were staring through blurry eyes at a logic game) you’ve wondered “is it really worth it?” You’ve already got (or are close to …

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Time to Train for the February LSAT

Training for the February LSAT

In just under a month, it will be time for the February LSAT! With 3 ½ weeks to go, now is the time to take stock of where you are in the application process and

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Reading the LSAT Way

Many first-time LSATers are initially unconcerned with Reading Comprehension. After all, if you have strong enough marks to consider applying to law school, chances are pretty good that you’re confident that you’re a great reader. Whether your undergraduate discipline …

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In 2013, Resolve to Predict

10…9…8… the Countdown is on! Are you winding down toward the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013? Reflecting thoughtfully on last year’s ups and downs, promising yourself to make positive changes in the New Year? Perhaps simply …

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Archetypal Logic Games – Part 2

In my last post we covered the most common type of logic game on the LSAT: sequencing. In this post we’ll pick things up with the three other game types: matching, distribution and selection.

Matching games are all about… …

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