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Tip of the Week: Balancing LSAT Prep with Busy Schedule

So it’s time to study for the LSAT—or at least schedule your LSAT prep—and you somehow have to balance this with a full schedule.

You may be changing careers, or perhaps you’ve discovered that a law degree would be …

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LSAT Prep: Getting Your Holiday Practice Perfect

Figuring out how to keep on top of your LSAT prep over the long holiday stretch is super important, so we’ve collected the very best ways to stay focused and committed over what may be an extended break from school, …

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Throw Down: Necessary vs. Sufficient LSAT Assumption Questions

LSAT assumption questions are the backbone of the LSAT Logical Reasoning section— the argument principles underlying assumption questions form the basis of the whole shebang!  It makes sense that getting really, really good at assumptions will get us to …

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Logic Games Problems? Hack Your Way to Successful Studying

LSAT logic games problems are extremely common, especially at the beginning of your preparation process, because they are, straight up, the weirdest looking thing on the test. But even if you are great at games, good at games, or feeling …

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The Case for June LSAT

We’ve heard from a lot of admissions deans, officers, and experts from law schools of every shape and stripe that the LSAT is the most important factor in your law school application; in fact, our law school admissions survey results …

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LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions: Study Guide

The time to practice the LSAT (and logical reasoning questions) is drawing to a close… which is something most students find both a relief and a little nerve-wracking.  Go ahead and own the driver’s seat of that brain-mobile!  Feel relieved– …

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The Big Bang Theory Takes On the LSAT: The Mauve Dinosaur Postulate

I’m very excited – we’ve recently discovered a lost script from The Big Bang Theory – “The Mauve Tyrannosaur Postulate”! Apparently Penny is considering law school and, while studying for the LSAT, is trying to make sense of the infamous …

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The Value of a Law Degree

If you’re like 99.9% of others studying for the LSAT, at some point (probably when you were staring through blurry eyes at a logic game) you’ve wondered “is it really worth it?” You’ve already got (or are close to …

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LSAT Super Villains – The Legion of Doubt

In our last exciting episode, we met the League of LSAT Superstars – role models to which all future LSAT superheroes should aspire. Today we get introduced to the LoLS’s arch-enemies, the Legion of Doubt.

The Zombie King: leader …

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LSAT Test Day: Staying cool under pressure

My last blog post pre-October LSAT discussed last minute LSAT study tips, so this time around I’m going to focus on Test Day itself. I just finished running the LSAT Experience in Toronto, a full test-day simulation that we run …

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