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Getting Greedy: LSAT Reading Comp Tips

LSAT Reading Comp is many a student’s favorite section… when they start preparing. Why? It looks familiar (we’ve seen similar articles, and most of us have taken tests with reading comp), and most people can get some things right in …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning Argument Flaws


Welcome back to your favorite time of the week: real LSAT practice questions time!  This week we are taking a closer look at four actual LSAT logical reasoning questions from LSAC PrepTest 19.  Try each question on your own,

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Oscar Awkward: Handling LSAT Pressure

Oh, Oscar: when not associated with a certain grouch or the odd couple, the name evokes a very specific flavor of beautifully dressed awkward moments.  There are always gaffes, nerves, slights, important people someone forgot to thank (Hilary Swank’s husband, …

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LSAT Logic Games Practice: Distribution Game Strategy

The last time we got a good luck at real LSAT logic games practice, we worked on the setup and deductions for a distribution game from PrepTest 19.  Make sure to go over the setup before trying your hands at

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Real LSAT Logic Games: Rocking the If Questions

As we continue to wind our way through the month of January, that freezing month of good-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions, I have total confidence that you are all staying on top of your LSAT priorities and getting as much preparation …

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What it Actually Takes to Hit a Goal LSAT Score

The biggest question we probably get asked as LSAT teachers is what it actually takes to hit a goal LSAT score, so today I’m going to share with you the not-so-top secret prescription to get the score you need on …

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How Many Hours Should I Study For the LSAT?

Everybody who has ever come near the LSAT has probably at least considered the “how long will I have to study for the LSAT?” question, and there’s a lot of different ways to answer it, because everyone brings some different …

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Arguments for Law School: Cultural Cachet

Law school diploma

The Wall Street Journal’s law school blog discovered an argument in favor of law school that is probably familiar to most of us intuitively: that having a JD is still a valuable commodity culturally for many people.  Lucy Jewel, an …

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Your LSAT got snowed out – what comes next?

LSAT blogWhen you were a little kid, snow days were awesome! Now, not so much, especially if you were all psyched up to write the LSAT on Saturday, but Mother Nature, J.D., had other plans. If you were supposed to write …

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SPOTLIGHT: Elie Mystal, our next 180 Live guest!

the180_facebookFinally we have Elie Mystal in our studio!  What should you know about Above the Law‘s Mystal, upcoming guest tonight on The 180 Live?  Well, he went to Harvard for his undergraduate degree, then double-downed on the …

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