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THE MUPPETS PRESENT… LSAT Logical Reasoning Tips!

Everybody loves the Muppets (and if you don’t love the Muppets, I can’t talk to you anyway because doing so could violate a fundamental truth of my existence), which makes them the ideal ambassadors for some friendly LSAT logical reasoning …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning-style

The best way to approach LSAT Logical Reasoning?  Consistent strategy, excellent methods, and even more LSAT practice questions than you thought was possible!  Check out our real LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions below, and remember to try them on your own …

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A Merry LSAT Preparation! Best Study Tips for the LSAT

Figuring out how to keep on top of your LSAT preparation over the long holiday stretch is super important, so we’ve collected the very best ways to stay focused and committed over what may be an extended break from school, …

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LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions: Study Guide

The time to practice the LSAT (and logical reasoning questions) is drawing to a close… which is something most students find both a relief and a little nerve-wracking.  Go ahead and own the driver’s seat of that brain-mobile!  Feel relieved– …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning Question Set 4

Break out the Chex mix, because the real LSAT practice questions portion of this party is just getting started:)  If you have missed any previous installations of our awesome real LSAT-extravaganza, check out our last post (linked here).  Don’t …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning Part II

The time has come, the walrus said… to look at some more real LSAT Logical Reasoning questions!  If you missed our first three, click here; also check out our Logic Games setup and parts 1 and 2 of the

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Perfecting the Prediction: What’s Coming on the LSAT

Our Kaplan 180 – Live episode on Monday broke down exactly what we need to focus on in these last couple of days before LSAT Test Day.  Predicting the test is the culmination of doing exactly what we’ve recommended that …

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99 Problems (But Logical Reasoning Ain’t One): Tips for Test Day

The logical reasoning section of the LSAT is the single most important piece of your LSAT score– since it counts for half of the points! That means that no matter how tempted you are to focus more exclusively on reading …

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Monty Python’s Formal Logic (LSAT Edition)

Everywhere on the LSAT – logic games, reading comp and logical reasoning – you’re provided with rules, facts, statistics: things we’ve been told to accept as true. It’s vital to remember that, at least for the purposes of answering the …

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NOW! That’s What I Call The LSAT… Vol. 2,193

Nothing makes you want to put on your LSAT shoes and dance your way through Logical Reasoning arguments like great ’90s music. So to continue into the fall with our summer playlists theme, we turn to that great decade, pull …

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