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Getting Greedy: LSAT Reading Comp Tips

LSAT Reading Comp is many a student’s favorite section… when they start preparing. Why? It looks familiar (we’ve seen similar articles, and most of us have taken tests with reading comp), and most people can get some things right in …

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Real LSAT Logic Games: Rocking the If Questions

As we continue to wind our way through the month of January, that freezing month of good-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions, I have total confidence that you are all staying on top of your LSAT priorities and getting as much preparation …

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A Merry LSAT Preparation! Best Study Tips for the LSAT

Figuring out how to keep on top of your LSAT preparation over the long holiday stretch is super important, so we’ve collected the very best ways to stay focused and committed over what may be an extended break from school, …

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Free Real LSAT Logic Games: Discover Your Best Deductions!

You asked for some free real LSAT Logic Games practice, and we heard you!  Let’s discover the very best way to handle LSAT logic games using PrepTest 19, and remember to try the game out yourself before reviewing the explanation …

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Real LSAT Question Set: Logic Games Question Set II

Finishing off our weekly real LSAT practice questions with the second piece of our Logic Game set!  Remember to check out the setup and first half of the question set before moving forward!…

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Wow! Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning

Welcome back to our month-long real LSAT practice test breakdown!  Today we are going to go through the first three logical reasoning questions from the LSAC’s PrepTest 19.  Remember to try each question on your own, then check out the …

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HUMP DAY CHALLENGE: Logic Games Practice










Today on social media we issued the following LSAT-style hump day challenge:

We got some phenomenal feedback from you all, including a full (and correct!) sketch (pictured below).  Let’s break it …

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Real LSAT Logic Games: Questions Part II

As we continue through our real LSAT logic game, remember to pay attention to our patterns and takeaways, and continue to apply them as you practice on your own.  If you missed the set up and first four questions, …

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Real LSAT Logic Games: Questions Part I

Over the weekend I hope you all got a chance to test your Logic Game set-up knowledge (if not, check this out) as we break down this entire real LSAT, because the time has come to check out the …

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Monty Python’s Formal Logic (LSAT Edition)

Everywhere on the LSAT – logic games, reading comp and logical reasoning – you’re provided with rules, facts, statistics: things we’ve been told to accept as true. It’s vital to remember that, at least for the purposes of answering the …

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