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Ask the 180: Application Transcripts and Last Month LSAT Advice

LSAT HelpWelcome to our inaugural “Ask the 180″ article, in which we answer your direct questions on all things LSAT, prelaw, law school admissions, and whatever else you want to ask!  Remember to send your submissions to– we will …

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the180 live! Law School Application Mistakes, Fixed!

A week ago, we played host to Anne Richard, Senior Dean of Admissions for University of Virginia, School of Law on our monthly talk show the180 live!  We asked her (and you) what the biggest law school application mistakes are, …

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Tonight the180 goes LIVE: the Worst Law School Application Mistakes

Law School Application Mistakes

Tonight from 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST we are bringing back everyone’s favorite law-school-focused-internet-talk-show-host Jeff Thomas and the very best of special guests, University of Virginia School of Law‘s Senior Dean of Admissions, Anne Richard.  We will be discussing THE WORST …

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The 180 Live Recap: The How-To of Law School Admissions

This week on our monthly prelaw talk show, The 180 Live!, we had two experts in law school admissions field all of your burning questions about how to best rock the application process.  In case you missed it, or if …

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The Secrets of Law School Admission

Law School Admissions Secrets
The secrets of law school admission game can mean the difference between a letter of admittance and a rejection.  To state the blindingly obvious, gaining admittance to the law school of your choice can be a tough, competitive process, so …

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So you want to go to law school – what should you do right now?

You may be in your 2nd or 3rd year of University – or you may be out in the workforce. You may have wanted to be a lawyer ever since you were 5 years old and saw your first episode …

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Is Law School Still Relevant?

There has been much discussion in the past few weeks over the decline in law school applications in legal publications as well as in lay publications, and here in our blog. Applications are down, as are jobs requiring a law

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Law Schools – The Times, They Area A Changing!

clockThis is an interesting time in the history of law school admissions to be considering taking the LSAT and applying to Law School. We talked about the decline in law school applications – projected to be about 20% less than

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Breaking News: Applications are Down! Law School without the LSAT

LSAT BlogThis was an interesting week for news related to law school; one report focused on the drop in law school applications and another offers hope to those struggling with the LSAT. While so many are preparing for the LSAT

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Score! Now what?

There’s nothing worse than the wait between Test Day and the day you receive your LSAT scores… well, there are worse things, of course, but still! It’s pretty bad! Finally, this week, the wait (worry?) will end as October test …

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