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De-Regulate Law?

Kaplan is proud to announce a new partnership with JD Oasis!All this month, we’re pleased to feature blog posts created by the JD Oasis team.Check out all their great content at

Found this interesting op-ed in the NYTimes.

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The Top 3 Mistakes LSAT Test-Takers Will Make Next Year

Navigating that space between excitedly reading John Grisham novels and sitting down for the first time in a 1L Civil Procedure class can be tricky. In order to make that journey a successful one, here are three big mistakes to

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Law School Selection: Extracurricular Activities

This is a continuing series of blogs from our team of Admissions Consultants here at Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions, showcasing various considerations on finding the right law school for you.Click here for more information on Admissions Consulting from Kaplan.…

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The LSAT Writing Sample: The Final Frontier

Some hard-nosed season savorers refuse to don cozy sweaters until the first technicolor leaves blaze from the trees, while others curse retail materialism as they abstain from trimming the tree until the day after Thanksgiving (or at least after the …

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Law School Selection: Location, Location, Location! Why Geography Matters

“Location, location, location!” That’s what many realtors will tell you when you’re trying to determine which of several prospective homes will provide the most re-sale value over time. Simply put, a particular home in one location may end up being …

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Logic Games, Law School, Puzzles & Mysteries

Initially, test takers consider logic games often the most intimidating section of the LSAT, primarily because of their unfamiliarity. For the majority of students, the time element of 4 games in 35 minutes is the biggest problem. That is …

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Law School Selection: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Paying for law school—do you want the good news or bad news first? OK, here’s the good news—there’s plenty of money out there. The bad news—you’ll probably have to pay it all back. For you econ majors that’s called

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Law School Application Spotlight: Work Experience – Is it Necessary?

All of your applications ask for a resume, but you’ve just graduated and haven’t worked much at all, especially in your related field. Or have you?

“Work Experience” means something different to an admissions committee than it does to a

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4 LSATs per year – One’s gotta be easier, right?

Law school applicants are a competitive lot.They are always trying to get the upper hand.Therefore it is no surprise that I occasionally hear the questions, “Which one of the four yearly LSATs is the easiest?Some LSATs are easier than others,

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