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The LSAT: Best Study Habits Part I

You may be wondering why there’s a picture of a man rocking a 70’s mullet drinking from the Stanley Cup in an LSAT blog.

Our stylish friend in the picture?  He’s partaking of the time-honoured tradition of Stanley Cup winners, …

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Retaking the LSAT in October – Part Two

The previous discussion covered questions you should ask yourself regarding your previous performance, now we’re looking toward the future …

As you contemplate whether you should retake the test, you need to consider your past performance but you also need …

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You’ve taken the June LSAT – should you retake the LSAT in October?

To retake or not to retake the LSAT in October?

Every summer – without fail – this turns out to be one of the most often-asked questions that I get from my law school applicants.  (Actually, it wins out …

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Transferring after your first year of Law School

-You’ve had a great first year and now want to transfer to your dream school-

Even if you weren’t initially accepted to your dream school, that doesn’t mean your dream is dead. Having a stellar first year of law school, …

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It’s Spring Break… from the LSAT?

Having just returned to my tame everyday life from sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida- home of the chaos known as “Spring Break”- I can tell you that just about everything but “taking a break” was going on down there. Now, let …

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Updating Law School Applications

If you have been placed on a law school waiting list or still have not heard back from some of your schools, now is the time to update your applications with any new information.  The easiest way to do this …

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The Form of Logic

Formal logic is a skill that is very important, and highly tested, on the LSAT.  Formal logic will appear in three of the four scored sections of the exam.  First, formal logic appears in almost every analytical reasoning, which …

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LSAT Preparation Best Practices

Practice is the key to achieving a top LSAT score.  The key to successful practice is in the details.  As you begin your LSAT preparation, test day should dictate how you study.  Build good habits and make sure you …

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Life as a 1L: Supplements…Worth It or Not?

This is what awaits you as a 1L

Its mid to late September, you have heard other people mention terms like Hornbook or Treatise.  However, the people you likely hear talking about them are other 1L’s that have a …

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How to Avoid Law School Rankings Tunnel Vision

Are you that guy?  You know, the guy who says, “I’m going to go to this law school which is ranked at #37 because this other school that I got into is ranked lower, at #56.”  Worse yet, are you …

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