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Your Brain on LSAT Test Day

When I was in college, someone thought it would be a great idea for everyone to go skydiving. We were all freshmen, so of course we agreed that it was the best idea ever. The following weekend we headed out …

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LSAT Cross-Training

Those of you who have read my blog posts to The 180 before might have noticed that my bio states that I am training for my first 5k. While that is true, it has been true for several years. To …

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LSAT Reasoning Flaws – Numbers versus Percents

Recently I watched a lot of the Summer Games, and I’ve got to admit I found it all very exciting. Who knew that watching water polo, handball, and weight-lifting is so enjoyable? Actually, I did know that. See, every four …

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October LSAT: 6 Tips for Last Minute Prep

Did you just look at the calendar and realize how soon the next LSAT administration, really is? Maybe you registered for the test some time ago and got caught up in work, school, family, or other fun. Or maybe …

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The LSAT Question Stem – Part 2

Part 2:  Logical Reasoning 

It’s the first day of your new job in the big city.  You grew up on the other side of the country and you’ve never been here before – in fact, you just arrived this morning.  …

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The LSAT Question Stem – It’s Not Just for Questions Anymore

Part 1:  Reading Comprehension

Welcome to part 1 of an exploration of LSAT question stems!  In this post we’ll talk about reading comprehension and in the next one we’ll discuss logical reasoning.

Many test takers only quickly glance at …

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6 Steps to Powerful Law School Recommendation Letters

Recommendations play an important role in the admissions process, and it is also one of the pieces that is out of your control once an individual agrees to write you the letter.  Follow these 6 steps to ensure that …

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Law School Applications: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush Them in by October

As they say at the start of the famous Indianapolis 500, Ladies and gentlemen … start your engines …  this year’s law school application season is about to begin.

If you’re planning to apply to law school, as the …

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Law School Scholarships: Applicants Negotiating Now More Than Ever

Since the 1990’s, me and a few of my closest friends have been quietly advising law school applicants on the basic talking points of negotiating law school scholarships.  We were happy in our own little world, knowing that our clients …

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Your Personal Statement: What not to put in.

People always want to know what they should write about in their law school personal statement but sometimes it is just as important to know what not to put in it.  The people looking at your essay read thousands upon …

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