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The Lighter Side of the Law – An Ode to Pi

Although there’s no math on the LSAT (a fact for which many a prospective law student has thanked her lucky stars), today’s post has a mathematical bent: in honour of the recently celebrated Pi Day (3/14), we’re going to look …

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The Elephant in the Room – US News & World Report Law School Rankings

This week co-Blogger Stuart Kovinsky and I have been looking at factors in deciding which law school to attend. In his blog, Stuart points out that law school rankings are not in his top 3 factors, and I certainly agree.

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Choosing a Law School – Factors to Consider

The snow is starting to thaw, the birds are returning from the south and you need a break from your diligent LSAT studies. Spring is the perfect time to start your law school research.

For far too many …

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March Madness: Winning the Title of the Best (Law School)

Last night, the NCAA announced the brackets for March Madness, naming the highest ranked college teams in each division. Perhaps more important for prospective law students are the rankings released last week by US News and World Reports on the

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Common Logical Flaws – Part 3

Are you a master of the flaw? When you see a commercial on TV, can you spot the advertiser’s twisty logic? If not, don’t despair – part 3 of our series on LSAT logical flaws completes our journey down …

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June or October: When is the Best Time to Take the LSAT?

The June administration of the LSAT is just under 3 months away and now is the right time to think about which test to take if you are considering applying for fall 2014.  Is the June test too early or

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Common LSAT Logical Flaws – Part 2

Part of your success on Test Day will relate to your ability to quickly recognize the common patterns that appear on the LSAT. Toward that goal we’re examining the most common logical flaws that appear in the Logical Reasoning

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Tips on Writing a Personal Statement

What’s Your Story? Writing the Personal Statement

Taking the June LSAT? Or maybe you are planning on taking the October LSAT. Of course, the first priority is prepping for the exam. But, what else should you be doing to improve

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Common LSAT logical flaws – Part 1

It’s amazing how pervasive illogical reasoning is – especially in commercials during election season. Logical flaws also play a large role on the LSAT; the better you are at identifying the most common ones, the higher your score will …

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Arguing With a Purpose – Getting Ready for Logical Reasoning

Former NYC Mayor, Ed Koch died several weeks ago and his funeral was a who’s who of power and politics on both the New York and national levels. Koch was eulogized by many prominent leaders including President Bill Clinton, but

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