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Obama 1, LSAT 0

Can a top LSAT score get you into a top ranked law school? Help you become the president of the Harvard Law Review? Get you elected to the most powerful position in the western world? It certainly can’t hurt!

I …

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CTRL+ALT+DELETE? Not in Law School Admissions

As a high school teacher, a law student, and an aspiring part-time domestic goddess, I am constantly running on fumes. Yet I always seem to make time for that time-suck of our times, Facebook. Scandalous status updates, political tirades, baby …

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Law School Personal Statements – The Power of YOU!

Many law school applicants misunderstand the purpose of  law school application essays, using them almost as a plea to get accepted. Perhaps the most common bad essay choice is the “why I want to go to law school” approach. …

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LSAT Test Day: To cancel or not to cancel

You just finished the fifth and final multiple choice section of the LSAT. You’re ready to relax and complete the Writing Sample when the proctor makes an ominous announcement: anyone who wishes to cancel his or her score may …

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I’m conflicted about the recent release of iPhone 5: on one hand, iPhone 4 is my very BiFF, but on the other hand, I’m not outdoorsy. I don’t ‘rough it’ for recreation, and I’m certainly not going to camp …

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Taking the LSAT? Take some “Me Time”

Many of you are taking the LSAT this Saturday- congratulations on that, because I know it’s been a long road of practice and preparation. Rather than taking your time with a longer blog on last-minute strategy, I’m going to recommend …

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Last minute LSAT study tips

There’s only a few days left before the October LSAT. For many of you, that means that the day you’ve both looked forward to and dreaded is almost here! Just think – in less than a week you’ll never …

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Making the Right Call on the LSAT

Fall is such a special time of year: crisp air, trees lit up with color, pumpkin-everything… all of these seasonal signs are speculative for me, of course, because, here in Florida, there is little discernible difference between fall and summer …

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Law School Survey Results: What to Sweat and What to Forget

Kaplan has always felt that the best source of information about law school and admissions is law students.  Accordingly, we survey students both before and after they enter law school to gain insight into the process.

In June 2012, we …

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Random Act of Acing the LSAT

I may sound like an old(er) lady before my time, but sometimes I just can’t understand the slang of the kids these days! Is “cray” the same as “crazy”? Something “sick” can be a good thing, while someone sick is …

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