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Why Law? The Answer May Be Different Than You Think!

Why law?

Assuming that everyone reading this is at least thinking about law school, I’m sure that’s a question that each of you has asked.

A lot of people would probably be surprised by your answer.

Stereotypically, lawyers are …

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Do You Know Where You’re Going To? Pre-LSAT Prep Can Help.

I received a great text message two days ago: one of my tutoring students informed me that he was accepted to a number of law schools, including his number one choice! I immediately phoned him to offer my congratulations and …

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The LSAT Writing Sample – Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

I was speaking with some of my students during our class break today and the conversation turned to the LSAT Writing Sample – the least feared section of the LSAT. I don’t think we’ve ever discussed it here in the …

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Putting the “Game” Back into Logic Games

I was talking to one of my students (let’s call her Alisha, to protect the innocent) after class the other night and, as is often the case, the discussion turned to logic games. Alisha was finding games really frustrating – …

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Practice for the LSAT? Try TV Commercials

There are a few television shows that I love to watch and I eagerly look forward to sitting down and catching up with my favorite characters or matching my trivia knowledge to others. The best part of TV these days …

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Scoring Higher on Reading Comp – The Power of Prediction

Like all sections of the LSAT, Reading Comprehension presents its own challenges. Students looking at Reading Comp often comment on the difficulty of reading through long (and sometimes boring) passages and answering questions in limited time. The ultimate goal …

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Spotlight on Logical Reasoning – Principle Questions

While it’s tough to see how some of the tasks you’ve been set on the LSAT relate to the study or practice of law, that’s not the case for principle questions – an “up and coming” Logical Reasoning question type.…

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Reading Comp Success – Reading Smarter

 Of the four scored sections on the LSAT, the one that is most familiar to test takers is the reading comprehension section. As a prerequisite for most colleges, the college entrance exams (the SAT or ACT) each have …

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Time and Mind Management for LSAT Success

I recently had a former student call me very excited about his LSAT score. He scored in the high 150s and was looking forward to applying to law school in the fall. What made him particularly happy about his score …

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Careers in Law – Life as a Litigator

When we’re not talking specifically about the LSAT, one of the most common questions my students ask is “what did you do when you were a lawyer?” Thinking back on my own experience applying to law school (and I …

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