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Formal Logic Translations

When my kids were little and would ask me if they could do something I would sometimes need to say no (Trust me – it was for good reasons). Never ones to give up without a fight, they would continue

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War of the Worlds of Formal Logic


Understanding Formal Logic is a critical skill for LSAT success. As we discussed on Monday, every day we experience conditional statements su
ch as “if I stop for coffee, I will be late for work” and yet, stopping for coffee does

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LSAT Super Villains – The Legion of Doubt

In our last exciting episode, we met the League of LSAT Superstars – role models to which all future LSAT superheroes should aspire. Today we get introduced to the LoLS’s arch-enemies, the Legion of Doubt.

The Zombie King: leader …

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Taking the Formal out of Formal Logic

“If I stop for coffee now I am going to be late for work”. How many of us have said this to ourselves, and still stopped for a morning cup of Joe? Despite dire predictions, we arrive at work on

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Law School – is 2 years better than 3?

Yesterday’s New York Times published an article about a recently proposed change to New York Bar requirements. If adopted, the proposal would allow students who have finished 2 years of law school to write the New York Bar and become …

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Fit and Ready for the February LSAT

On Monday we talked about getting ready for the February exam by being sure to get enough sleep. If you are going to do well on this grueling test you have to be at your best mentally and physically.


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LSAT Superheroes – the League of LSAT Superstars

OK – so maybe the League of LSAT Superstars™ isn’t quite as famous as the Justice League of America – and maybe you’d still call the Avengers first when a Norse God invades the planet, but if you’re looking for …

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Time to Train for the February LSAT

Training for the February LSAT

In just under a month, it will be time for the February LSAT! With 3 ½ weeks to go, now is the time to take stock of where you are in the application process and

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Reading the LSAT Way

Many first-time LSATers are initially unconcerned with Reading Comprehension. After all, if you have strong enough marks to consider applying to law school, chances are pretty good that you’re confident that you’re a great reader. Whether your undergraduate discipline …

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In 2013, Resolve to Predict

10…9…8… the Countdown is on! Are you winding down toward the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013? Reflecting thoughtfully on last year’s ups and downs, promising yourself to make positive changes in the New Year? Perhaps simply …

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