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4 Angry Reviewers – The 180’s Take on Law Flicks

One of the toughest things for law students to do is strike the right balance – sure, law school is tough and there’s a lot of work involved, but you have to keep sight of the fact that you should …

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Law School Bio: The Maurer School of Law at Indiana University, Bloomington

You might not think of law school life as necessarily idyllic, but The Maurer School of Law at Indiana University does its best to bring all of its fairy tale qualities to the fore, at least at first glance at …

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State vs. State: Where Law Jobs Are Hiding

There has been no shortage of reports on how poor the job market is for law school graduates admitted to the bar. Now, according to a new study conducted by Matt Leichter, an attorney who writes for the blog Law …

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LSAT Sequencing Games: A Game of Knowns

When the LSAT test-makers create logic games, they set up what they comically believe to resemble real life situations. In theory, at least, this is supposed to make the games easier, particularly sequencing games, the most common LSAT game …

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Predicting the October LSAT

If you could pick one advantage to lord over your LSAT competitors, what would it be? Formal logic-seeking heat vision? The ability to roadmap complicated passages in a single bound? Logic games-defying sketching powers? Better fashion sense? (If you picked …

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John Marshall School of Law (Chicago)

Many people picture the life of a successful lawyer as the ultimate work-hard, play-hard lifestyle– long hours, sure, but also the best restaurants and all of the perks of the big firm life. So why not start practicing now at …

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Congratulations! You Are So Much Closer Than Most to the LSAT

The LSAT isn’t for a couple of more days – are congratulations premature?

Definitely not.

You’ve done something that many people never have – worked hard toward making your dream come true… if anything deserves a hearty round of applause, …

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To Test or Not to Test – Should you take the June LSAT?

It’s crunch time! The June administration of the LSAT is a mere 5 days away and many people thinking about test day are wondering: Should or shouldn’t I take the exam? How should the decision be made?

It is important …

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Curious About Cornell Law School?

We know you’ve heard of Cornell Law School, and probably have some ideas about what it’s all about already: Ivy League, popped collars, and prestige. But before deciding if you should send your application straight to the chilly ivory-towered …

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What to expect on LSAT Test Day

Most of my students recently took their final in-class practice LSAT before the big exam on June 10th. An important part of the practice experience is running through what will actually happen on Test Day, so you’re prepared …

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