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LSAT Study Break – 4 Must See Movies

You’ve been studying for the LSAT so much that you dream about logic games. You just saw your favourite actor in a multimillion dollar commercial and all you can think about is the two logical flaws in the ad. While…

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“Fall back” on Your Internal Clock

It is well-known to my family and friends that my very favorite day of the year is the end of Daylight Savings Time, when that extra hour, because I’ll be fast asleep with my eyes shut tight.) This year, however,…

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Balancing the LSAT and Life with an LSAT study plan

If you’re like many people studying for the LSAT, especially at this time of year, you’re juggling a lot of different balls (that might seem more like boulders). You may be a full time student, full time employee or full…

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Harvard Law School – now Skype friendly!

Unlike most business schools, which regularly interview applicants, the vast majority of law schools only offer interviews in special circumstances. Harvard Law School has been an exception to that trend – for the last few years HLS has included short…

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Hurricane Sandy: LSAT Classes and Communication

To our LSAT students:
As always, we are committed to the success and well-being of our students and our faculty.  As a business, we try our best to remain in operation during periods of inclement weather to provide information about…

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Score! Now what?

There’s nothing worse than the wait between Test Day and the day you receive your LSAT scores… well, there are worse things, of course, but still! It’s pretty bad! Finally, this week, the wait (worry?) will end as October test…

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Obama 1, LSAT 0

Can a top LSAT score get you into a top ranked law school? Help you become the president of the Harvard Law Review? Get you elected to the most powerful position in the western world? It certainly can’t hurt!

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CTRL+ALT+DELETE? Not in Law School Admissions

As a high school teacher, a law student, and an aspiring part-time domestic goddess, I am constantly running on fumes. Yet I always seem to make time for that time-suck of our times, Facebook. Scandalous status updates, political tirades, baby…

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Law School Personal Statements – The Power of YOU!

Many law school applicants misunderstand the purpose of  law school application essays, using them almost as a plea to get accepted. Perhaps the most common bad essay choice is the “why I want to go to law school” approach. To…

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LSAT Test Day: To cancel or not to cancel

You just finished the fifth and final multiple choice section of the LSAT. You’re ready to relax and complete the Writing Sample when the proctor makes an ominous announcement: anyone who wishes to cancel his or her score may do…

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