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Game, Set, LSAT: Make Your Own LSAT Victory

Last Monday, a tennis player named Rafael Nadal won the U.S. Open, the last Grand Slam of the year, after missing the tournament last year due to injury and then defeating the number one player in the world. Now, it’s …

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Monty Python’s Formal Logic (LSAT Edition)

Everywhere on the LSAT – logic games, reading comp and logical reasoning – you’re provided with rules, facts, statistics: things we’ve been told to accept as true. It’s vital to remember that, at least for the purposes of answering the …

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Free LSAT Bootcamp: Higher Scores the Day After Tomorrow

The LSAT is coming… fast. For those of you who have been preparing, the toughest stuff on test day might still be giving you trouble. Have no fear! This Saturday, 9/13 at 1:00 p.m. EST, we are holding our free …

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Kaplan LSAT Caption Challenge, Go!

Hear ye, hear ye! To kick up our fall LSAT preparation right, we are asking you to give us your very best caption suggestions in the inaugural Kaplan Caption Challenge, either below in the comments or on our facebook page

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So Hot Right Now: Careers in Law

Thinking about the careers in law available after law school while you’re still a slave to LSAT preparation might seem a little preemptive, but taking the long view of your working options is an excellent strategy in today’s economy. With …

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NOW! That’s What I Call The LSAT… Vol. 2,193

Nothing makes you want to put on your LSAT shoes and dance your way through Logical Reasoning arguments like great ’90s music. So to continue into the fall with our summer playlists theme, we turn to that great decade, pull …

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Money, Law School, and Making It Count

Michael Simkovic and Frank McIntyre published a paper called The Economic Value of a Law Degree in April of this year, partly to investigate the widespread claims in the media that the significant financial investment in a law degree was …

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Stranger than Fiction: TV Lawyers Take the LSAT

How did your favorite fictional lawyer do on the LSAT? In today’s post, we predict how some beloved television lawyers performed on the test of all tests.

Mike Ross, Suits

Fans of the show (and there are a lot of …

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Bring It On: Obama Advocates Two Year Law School

So much for slow news days on summer Fridays. As you probably heard, this past week during an education forum in upstate New York, President Barack Obama addressed a question that many pre-law students, law school students, awesome pre-law blogs …

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LSAT Numbers: Are Times A-Changing At Top Schools?

Our friends at Above the Law have broken down some new statistics on fluctuating admissions numbers at top law schools– something our admissions experts addressed on the 180 Live earlier this week. Despite all of the hoopla surrounding low …

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