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To Test or Not to Test – Should you take the June LSAT?

It’s crunch time! The June administration of the LSAT is a mere 5 days away and many people thinking about test day are wondering: Should or shouldn’t I take the exam? How should the decision be made?

It is important …

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Curious About Cornell Law School?

We know you’ve heard of Cornell Law School, and probably have some ideas about what it’s all about already: Ivy League, popped collars, and prestige. But before deciding if you should send your application straight to the chilly ivory-towered …

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What to expect on LSAT Test Day

Most of my students recently took their final in-class practice LSAT before the big exam on June 10th. An important part of the practice experience is running through what will actually happen on Test Day, so you’re prepared …

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Test Day is Coming – Are You Ready?

As we turn the page of the calendar from May to June, we begin the serious countdown to the June test. With just about ten days to test day, do you feel ready?  At this point there are some things …

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The Pillar of Assumptions: Necessity

Last week we took a stroll back in time and looked at the disco age and remembered Donna Summer’s song “Enough is Enough”. In the context of the LSAT it is important, shall we even say necessary, to be able …

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LSAT Study Break: 4 Must See Movies, Take 2

The LSAT is less than 3 weeks away. You’ve been studying like a maniac and you’re in dire need of some R&R. Clearly, it’s time for an LSAT Study Break.

In our last Study Break we talked about 4 must-see …

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Enough is Enough?

Anyone know the old Donna Summer song from the disco era? The refrain was “enough is enough is enough”.  But is enough, enough?  When prepping for the LSAT it is critical to understand the concept of enough and to be …

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Should you postpone your LSAT?

“Should I postpone my LSAT?” is one of the most common questions I get from my students. Since I get to know each of them very well throughout the course, I’m in a great position to offer personalized …

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Ethnicity and the LSAT

In addition to administering the LSAT, LSAC (the Law School Admission Council) looks at the test and test-takers and then puts together statistics based on its studies. LSAC looked at the effect of gender on LSAT performance as well as …

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LSAT Points and Arguments

About two months I wrote on arguments in general and how they appear on the LSAT. Identifying arguments is a core LSAT skill which can net as many as 25% of total points on test day; it is also …

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