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I Want Money: Straightening Out Law School Financial Aid

At the back of every conversation about law school admissions, the financial implications of the law school decision lurk.  The decision to pursue a law school education is not a cheap or easy one for many people, and the debate …

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New Law School Rankings: Getting Your Count On

We all know that law school rankings aren’t everything, and our upcoming 180 Live guest, Elie Mystal of Above the Law, has been one of the most vocal critics of ranking systems (including this critique of his own published law …

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ONE DAY ONLY: Kick the LSAT’s butt with 20% off!

Thinking about joining the Kaplan team to help kick the LSAT’s butt once and for all? Today’s the day to sign up as we’re offering 20% off our LSAT Kaplan courses. A Kaplan discount you can’t pass up!

Our …

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October LSAT 2013: You’ve Got This

Happy October LSAT Eve, everyone! We wanted to share with you how confident, impressed, and proud of you we all are here at Kaplan. In all of your comments, questions, and participation here on the blog, on our social media, …

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Top 5 Things To Do After the LSAT

We know LSAT preparation has been a long and arduous process, so we asked you all to think ahead about what was coming after test day– what you wanted to do when that LSAT monkey was finally off of your …

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Perfecting the Prediction: What’s Coming on the LSAT

Our Kaplan 180 – Live episode on Monday broke down exactly what we need to focus on in these last couple of days before LSAT Test Day.  Predicting the test is the culmination of doing exactly what we’ve recommended that …

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Kaplan LSAT’s Social Media Round Up – See What You’re Missing

I know you are all hard at work getting your LSAT work on, but are you making use of all of our LSAT social media resources? Sure, you know the blog, but have you checked out our Facebook, Twitter

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Get Caught Up with the180 Live Kaplan LSAT Experts!

Tonight, Monday, September 30th, is the perfect time to make sure this week’s Kaplan LSAT preparation is as focused and effective as possible, right in time for test day. Don’t forget to register here for this truly fantastic event, during …

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the180 Live! This Monday: Predicting the October LSAT

Join us this Monday, September 30th at 8pm EST for Kaplan’s 180 Live to Predict the October LSAT! Kaplan’s LSAT Research and Development Team has dived into all of the data, statistics, and analytics so we can let you know …

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99 Problems (But Logical Reasoning Ain’t One): Tips for Test Day

The logical reasoning section of the LSAT is the single most important piece of your LSAT score– since it counts for half of the points! That means that no matter how tempted you are to focus more exclusively on reading …

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