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LSAT Learning Lessons from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes…  I know I am not the only one who took the night off from responsible goings-on and watched the half-drunk celebrity carnival that is the Globes on Sunday night.  If you are feeling guilty for turning a …

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Real LSAT Logic Games: Rocking the If Questions

As we continue to wind our way through the month of January, that freezing month of good-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions, I have total confidence that you are all staying on top of your LSAT priorities and getting as much preparation …

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What it Actually Takes to Hit a Goal LSAT Score

The biggest question we probably get asked as LSAT teachers is what it actually takes to hit a goal LSAT score, so today I’m going to share with you the not-so-top secret prescription to get the score you need on …

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Thursday Throwdown: LSAT Formal Logic Flaws

Today on Facebook we issued a Thursday THROWDOWN LSAT-style challenge, with the following instructions:

1) Break down this LSAT-style argument into evidence and conclusion.
2) Translate and contrapose any formal logic.
3) Identify the flawed assumption and share it with …

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The Best Lawyers Come From the Best Law Schools… and other law school news

What law schools actually produce the best lawyers?  We’ve talked a lot about the over-reliance on rankings like those published by US News and World Report, and we’ve examined other styles of ranking (like Above the Law’s employment-weighted model).  …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning-style

The best way to approach LSAT Logical Reasoning?  Consistent strategy, excellent methods, and even more LSAT practice questions than you thought was possible!  Check out our real LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions below, and remember to try them on your own …

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Law School Changes: Overtime with Elie Mystal

Last month we were joined on our monthly LSAT talk show, the 180live, by Elie Mystal– a blogger for Above the Law and general man about town regarding law school changes (you may have seen him on Fox News, …

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An LSAT Checklist for the New Year

Successful LSAT preparation is half state of mind– which is why this time of year is such a great opportunity to re-evaluate your law school ambitions.  What still needs to be done?  Start creating an LSAT checklist of things to …

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Real LSAT Logic Games Practice: Question Domination

As you all have been steadfastly practicing your LSAT skills over the holidays, I have no doubt in your ability to dominate the following real LSAT logic games practice questions from LSAC-released PrepTest 19.  Remember to set up the game…

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A Merry LSAT Preparation! Best Study Tips for the LSAT

Figuring out how to keep on top of your LSAT preparation over the long holiday stretch is super important, so we’ve collected the very best ways to stay focused and committed over what may be an extended break from school, …

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