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How to Dominate the LSAT and Alienate People

Have your been studying for the LSAT a lot? Have your friends been avoiding you lately? Those two phenomena may be linked! How can you tell if your LSAT studies are affecting your relationships? Take the following quiz (Cosmo has …

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180 Live Brings Together Harvard, NYU, Penn Law, and UVA Admissions

Want to hang with admissions officers from Harvard, NYU, Penn Law & UVA?

Well guess what… you can! This Monday night is our single most popular pre-law event of the year, our mock admissions roundtable episode of “The 180 – Live…

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Student Loan-Free Law School? Go Public!

We have all imagined finding some kind of loophole or piece of luck that lets us save or make a ton of money; this time that fantasy may actually pay off for some law school students. The cost of law …

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New York Law School: The Nitty-Gritty

Taking in all the sights of New York City is definitely a lifetime’s pursuit, but at New York Law School (NYLS) you’ll be perfectly situated to get started. If you’re looking to be in the heart of New York City, …

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John Marshall Law School: What to Expect

If you’re looking to become a big-time city lawyer, why not start by studying in a big city? The John Marshall Law School (JMLS), not to be confused with the one in Atlanta, is located in Chicago. It’s right on …

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The Big Bang Theory Takes On the LSAT: The Mauve Dinosaur Postulate

I’m very excited – we’ve recently discovered a lost script from The Big Bang Theory – “The Mauve Tyrannosaur Postulate”! Apparently Penny is considering law school and, while studying for the LSAT, is trying to make sense of the infamous …

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Good News on the Job Market – Health Care Lawyers Needed!

No doubt that the news about the job market for lawyers has been dismal over the past few months. It seems, though, there is a ray of hope particularly for people entering law school. According to Crain’s Cleveland Business new …

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Getting Real: A Guide To Choosing A Low-Ranked Law School

Our always awesome friends over at Above the Law have published a serious must-read for many people preparing for a law school-oriented future, but it’s probably not the article you’re expecting; it’s a guide to choosing a lower ranked law …

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When LSAT Wrong Answers Attack!

If you’ve ever taken a gander at Shark Week, you know that sharks aren’t cute; they’re not affectionate (unless you consider biting your legs off as a sign of affection, in which case you should probably see a relationship …

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LSAT Procrastinators, Unite! June LSAT Application Acceptance

Just how desperate are law schools for qualified applicants? Desperate enough to start eyeballing the procrastinators out there, the National Law Journal reports – at least 25 American schools are considering June 2013 LSAT scores for fall 2013 admissions.

Applications …

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