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Seahawk Your Way to a Winning LSAT Score: Tips from the Super Bowl

Want that winning LSAT score you’ve been dreaming of? Take advice from last Sunday’s game.

The Super Bowl was not a pretty game to watch this year, mainly because the Seattle Seahawks completely smothered the storied Denver Broncos offense with …

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Real LSAT Logical Reasoning Practice: Argument Structure

It’s been almost a month since we last looked at some real LSAT logical reasoning practice, and it’s high time we revisit the subject.  As you should be aware, logical reasoning is the most important section on the LSAT– there …

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the180 live Results: Law School Myths Busted

Keep calm, and mythbust on– here are the results from the Kaplan 180 live talk show law school mythbusting episode!  Some answers may surprise you, some may be just what you expect.  Keep reading until the end to see what …

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State of the Law School: Where Are We Now in Law School News?

Last night President Obama gave his State of the Union address, and whether it made you happy/mad/sad/indifferent/distracted by Joe Biden’s teeth, it marks a good a time as any to discuss the State of Law School– what is going on …

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The 180 Live Goes Law School Mythbustin’ Tonight!

The 180 Live

Tonight we go 180 live with real law school students to bust some myths about law school on Kaplan’s The 180 Live.  There are all kinds of stories, legends, internet rumors and preconceptions floating around out there, …

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February LSAT Help: 10 Ways to Get Down to Business for Test Day

If it seems like it was November approximately ten seconds ago and you still had plenty of time and days off from school and work to get ready for the February LSAT, you are probably freaking out right now.  Many …

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Kaplan LSAT 180 Live! Get the Real Law School Facts

We are entering the later stages of the law school admissions cycle, which means that many of you extremely charming, clever, and good-looking people formerly known as antisocial LSAT preppers have been re-entering the land of the socially engaged… and …

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Real LSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Problems

Practice makes perfect, and even though perfection is not something necessary on test day, practicing the same LSAT strategies and methods over and over again is absolutely essential.  Let’s have a little fun with some real LSAT reading comprehension practice …

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How Do You Fight Procrastination: Battle the Put-It-Off Feeling

How do you fight procrastination?  When you are preparing for something like the LSAT and starting many months in advance, procrastination is a very real and very present foe; it’s easy to get just a couple days behind in your …

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I, Me, Mine: Starting Your Own Law Practice

We have showcased a lot of different types of jobs, private and public, on this site.  We’ve discussed the current problems with the Big Firm model and the growing financial incentives for public sector law jobs.  But what …

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