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180Live: Law School Application and Admissions Survey Results TONIGHT!

Just a reminder for all of you out there that our law school admissions survey spectacular!  spectacular!  is tonight on the 180 Live, at 8:00p.m. EST.  We will be discussing all the biggest questions out there, including those that …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Taming the Logical Reasoning Beast!

The second half of our weekly real LSAT practice questions just popped out of my EZ Bake Oven, so as per usual remember to try the questions on your own first, then check out the explanations.  Keep your eyes on …

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Law School Admissions SPOTLIGHT: Fordham University School of Law

In case you needed reminding, our super awesome 180 Live law school admissions survey episode is this Wednesday, 11/13, at 8:00 p.m., featuring our stellar admissions panel from NYU Law, UVA Law, Fordham Law, and UCLA Law. Today …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning Question Set 4

Break out the Chex mix, because the real LSAT practice questions portion of this party is just getting started:)  If you have missed any previous installations of our awesome real LSAT-extravaganza, check out our last post (linked here).  Don’t …

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HUMP DAY CHALLENGE: LSAT Formal Logic in Logical Reasoning

Poor Wednesday: nobody loves Wednesday.  But you should all love our LSAT practice HUMP DAY CHALLENGE!  Today on facebook, we issued these instructions:

1) Read the following statements.
2) Translate and contrapose each piece of formal logic.
3) Combine …

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Law School Admissions SPOTLIGHT: UVA School of Law

As you may know, our next 180 Live! episode is next week, and we want to make sure you are there to get all of the necessary information from our law school admissions experts, straight from our brand new admissions …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Reading Comp Part II

Hey howdy hey, and welcome back to your very favorite, real LSAT practice questions extravaganza!  Today we hit the rest of the questions from our reading comp passage– so if you haven’t, check out the passage set up and first …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Reading Comp Passage and Questions, Part I

It is our favorite time of the week… real LSAT practice question time!  At the bottom of the post, check out links to our previous real LSAT logic games and logical reasoning posts.  Remember to try the passage and questions …

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LSAT Test Dates: Sabbath Observance

Recently a student reached out to us via Facebook about the Saturday Sabbath LSAT administration, also known as the Monday LSAT.  For the October, December, and February LSAT official administrations, people that observe the religious Saturday Sabbath are given the …

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The Kaplan LSAT Raven

That’s right, in honor of Halloween, I have written you the weirdest LSAT-related blog post you’re likely to encounter; making liberal use of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.


For your perusal…

The Kaplan LSAT Raven

Once upon a midnight dreary, …

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