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Getting Greedy: LSAT Reading Comp Tips

LSAT Reading Comp is many a student’s favorite section… when they start preparing. Why? It looks familiar (we’ve seen similar articles, and most of us have taken tests with reading comp), and most people can get some things right in …

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Logic Games Problems? Hack Your Way to Successful Studying

final countdownLSAT logic games problems are extremely common, especially at the beginning of your preparation process, because they are, straight up, the weirdest looking thing on the test. But even if you are great at games, good at games, or feeling …

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LSAT Reading Comp Practice Questions: Get Thee To The Text!

Today, we examine the first four LSAT reading comp practice questions based on the passage we broke down last week, paragraph by paragraph, Kaplan strategic reading-style!  If you missed the passage, definitely check that out first, then try the …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning Argument Flaws


Welcome back to your favorite time of the week: real LSAT practice questions time!  This week we are taking a closer look at four actual LSAT logical reasoning questions from LSAC PrepTest 19.  Try each question on your own,

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Seahawk Your Way to a Winning LSAT Score: Tips from the Super Bowl

Want that winning LSAT score you’ve been dreaming of? Take advice from last Sunday’s game.

The Super Bowl was not a pretty game to watch this year, mainly because the Seattle Seahawks completely smothered the storied Denver Broncos offense with …

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The 180 Live Goes Law School Mythbustin’ Tonight!

Law School Myth: Law School is HellThe 180 Live

Tonight we go 180 live with real law school students to bust some myths about law school on Kaplan’s The 180 Live.  There are all kinds of stories, legends, internet rumors and preconceptions floating around out there, …

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Kaplan LSAT 180 Live! Get the Real Law School Facts

the180_facebookWe are entering the later stages of the law school admissions cycle, which means that many of you extremely charming, clever, and good-looking people formerly known as antisocial LSAT preppers have been re-entering the land of the socially engaged… and …

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How Do You Fight Procrastination: Battle the Put-It-Off Feeling

LSAT Freakout

How do you fight procrastination?  When you are preparing for something like the LSAT and starting many months in advance, procrastination is a very real and very present foe; it’s easy to get just a couple days behind in your …

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LSAT Learning Lessons from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes…  I know I am not the only one who took the night off from responsible goings-on and watched the half-drunk celebrity carnival that is the Globes on Sunday night.  If you are feeling guilty for turning a …

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What it Actually Takes to Hit a Goal LSAT Score

The biggest question we probably get asked as LSAT teachers is what it actually takes to hit a goal LSAT score, so today I’m going to share with you the not-so-top secret prescription to get the score you need on …

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