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How to Reach Your LSAT Score: Labor Day Edition

Your LSAT score and Labor Day– they seem like two concepts that should not go together at all, but for many of you, working your LSAT practice is going to be a big part of your long weekend plans.  I …

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The Case for June LSAT

We’ve heard from a lot of admissions deans, officers, and experts from law schools of every shape and stripe that the LSAT is the most important factor in your law school application; in fact, our law school admissions survey results …

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Real LSAT Logic Games Practice: Best Practices

LSAT logic games are one of the best parts of the test to practice, because you will discover a ton of patterns and strategies that recur all over every logic game.  Think of it as Christmas coming early: LSAT logic …

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HUMP DAY CHALLENGE: Strengthen That Assumption, Girls!

Today on facebook we issued the following Hump Day LSAT logical reasoning question Challenge:

1) Read the following LSAT-style argument.
2) Identify the conclusion, evidence, and assumption.
3) Tell us a fact we could learn that would strengthen the author’s …

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Free LSAT Bootcamp: Higher Scores the Day After Tomorrow

The LSAT is coming… fast. For those of you who have been preparing, the toughest stuff on test day might still be giving you trouble. Have no fear! This Saturday, 9/13 at 1:00 p.m. EST, we are holding our free …

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Kaplan LSAT Caption Challenge, Go!

Hear ye, hear ye! To kick up our fall LSAT preparation right, we are asking you to give us your very best caption suggestions in the inaugural Kaplan Caption Challenge, either below in the comments or on our facebook page

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Top 5 LSAT Lessons From the Royal Birth

If you’re anything like me, you have been obsessing over the royal birth for some completely inexplicable reason. If you’ve been preparing for the LSAT at the same time, you probably had other stuff you should have been doing besides …

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Why Over What: Kaplan 180 Discussing LSAT Reading Comprehension

How much hair have you ripped out of your head asking yourself, “What’s the point to Reading Comprehension?”

Maybe you don’t get it, or maybe you think you got it yet still aren’t passing that LSAT section. Our LSAT 180 …

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Be a Formal Logic Superhero!

July is finally here – that means different things for different people. For example, if you’re a super hero fan, it means awesome summer blockbusters. If you’re a law school hopeful, it means bearing down on the LSAT, including formal …

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Putting the “Game” Back into Logic Games

I was talking to one of my students (let’s call her Alisha, to protect the innocent) after class the other night and, as is often the case, the discussion turned to logic games. Alisha was finding games really frustrating – …

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