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Let Them Eat Pi: LSAT Tips for Pi Day

Let Them Eat Pi: LSAT Tips for Pi Day

For those of you who might be a little rusty on your high school geometry, pi is a mathematical constant that rounds to about 3.14159. Tomorrow, 3/14/15, is a very special Pi Day, considering the date corresponds to the first five …

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Predicting the February LSAT: Your Questions Answered

Our LSAT content development team joined us in the studio last night to predict exactly what you will see if you are taking the February LSAT next weekend.  Check out the full video if you missed the event— for those …

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LSAT logic games help

LSAT Logic Games: Pre-Test Practice

LSAT Logic Games are a great place to scoop up some extra points during these last few weeks before test day.  All this week, we will make sure that you are ready to roll on test day by going over …

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Logic Games Problems? Hack Your Way to Successful Studying

LSAT logic games problems are extremely common, especially at the beginning of your preparation process, because they are, straight up, the weirdest looking thing on the test. But even if you are great at games, good at games, or feeling …

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LSAT Logic Games Practice: Distribution Game Strategy

The last time we got a good luck at real LSAT logic games practice, we worked on the setup and deductions for a distribution game from PrepTest 19.  Make sure to go over the setup before trying your hands at …

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Real LSAT Logic Games Distribution Practice: Set Up

One of the four basic game types most amenable to getting great deductions is distribution, so let’s work on the set up to a real LSAT with some logic games distribution practice!…

LSAT Logic Games Distribution:

When conducting a thorough

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Sherlock’s LSAT Logic Games: It’s All About Deduction

When we hear the words “deductive reasoning” and “logic”, two things immediately come to mind: the LSAT, and Sherlock Holmes.  Now, as a lifelong BBC obsessive, I have become a believer in the new Sherlock, and feel that there is …

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Real LSAT Logic Games: Rocking the If Questions

As we continue to wind our way through the month of January, that freezing month of good-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions, I have total confidence that you are all staying on top of your LSAT priorities and getting as much preparation …

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Thursday Throwdown: LSAT Formal Logic Flaws

Today on Facebook we issued a Thursday THROWDOWN LSAT-style challenge, with the following instructions:

1) Break down this LSAT-style argument into evidence and conclusion.
2) Translate and contrapose any formal logic.
3) Identify the flawed assumption and share it with …

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Real LSAT Logic Games Practice: Question Domination

As you all have been steadfastly practicing your LSAT skills over the holidays, I have no doubt in your ability to dominate the following real LSAT logic games practice questions from LSAC-released PrepTest 19.  Remember to set up the game…

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