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Is Health Law Right For You? Job Description of a Healthcare Lawyer

What is the job description of a healthcare lawyer?
Despite a sluggish legal job market, some fields are seeing more growth than others. While our spotlight on patent law highlighted one lucrative area, health law is another legal field…

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Different Types of Lawyers: Patent Attorney Career Spotlight

There are a lot of different types of lawyers out there, and getting a good read on what a career might really look like based on just a job description and general salary number can be hard.  Even more…

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Top Law Schools: Students Say Rankings Matter Most

Everybody considering law school wants a great education from a top law school that leads to an excellent career.  But how do you figure out which law schools are really the top law schools?  Great financial aid packages, personal experience,…

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ATL 2014 Law School Rankings Revealed! News from the 180 live…

Last week we invited the crew from Above the Law to join us on the 180 live to reveal their 2014 law school rankings– and they did not disappoint.  Talking us through their process in creating the rankings list, the…

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Spotlight: A Life in Big Law

The classic post-law school career dream often involves a vision of a well-compensated, career-driven professional climbing the ladder at a high-powered law firm.  Big law firm jobs are still something many students are striving for (although those at some schools have the…

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Need Law School, LSAT, or General Pre-Law Advice? Ask the 180!

As a teacher, on social media, and even through this blog, I hear from students every day: from questions about their applications, to LSAT issues, to concerns about the future or finances– and sometimes just to vent!  A lot of…

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The Latest Law School News: Rankings, Tuition, and Salary, Oh My!

Once upon a time, there was a weekly round-up of everything you ever wanted to know in the world of the latest law school news… and that time is now, and the round-up is here!  Don’t you wish that all…

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From all around the internet, we have gathered the biggest pieces of law school news for your perusal!  Check out what’s going on in the wide world of legal education and internet commentary:
Best Legal Job Market Coming Soon!

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Hear It Here: Law School News and LSAT Updates

Post-February LSAT score release and 2014 U.S. News and World Report law school rankings announcement, the entire legal education community is abuzz with what all the new information means.  But have no fear!  We have collected, collated (sort of), and…

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Breaking News: Public Sector Government Loan Forgiveness

Law school is not cheap (says Captain Obvious), but there are ways to both get a JD from a great school and avoid getting saddled with a massive amount of debt with for the rest of your life.  One of…

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