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Student Loan-Free Law School? Go Public!

We have all imagined finding some kind of loophole or piece of luck that lets us save or make a ton of money; this time that fantasy may actually pay off for some law school students. The cost of law …

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New York Law School: The Nitty-Gritty

Taking in all the sights of New York City is definitely a lifetime’s pursuit, but at New York Law School (NYLS) you’ll be perfectly situated to get started. If you’re looking to be in the heart of New York City, …

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John Marshall Law School: What to Expect

If you’re looking to become a big-time city lawyer, why not start by studying in a big city? The John Marshall Law School (JMLS), not to be confused with the one in Atlanta, is located in Chicago. It’s right on …

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Good News on the Job Market – Health Care Lawyers Needed!

No doubt that the news about the job market for lawyers has been dismal over the past few months. It seems, though, there is a ray of hope particularly for people entering law school. According to Crain’s Cleveland Business new …

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Getting Real: A Guide To Choosing A Low-Ranked Law School

Our always awesome friends over at Above the Law have published a serious must-read for many people preparing for a law school-oriented future, but it’s probably not the article you’re expecting; it’s a guide to choosing a lower ranked law …

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LSAT Procrastinators, Unite! June LSAT Application Acceptance

Just how desperate are law schools for qualified applicants? Desperate enough to start eyeballing the procrastinators out there, the National Law Journal reports – at least 25 American schools are considering June 2013 LSAT scores for fall 2013 admissions.

Applications …

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Tulane Law School: A School in the Heart of The Big Easy

Head down south to New Orleans, Louisiana, and you’re sure to come across Bourbon Street, Cajun food, and vibrant music. Now head a little west from the French Quarter and you’ll bump into Tulane University, the home of Tulane Law …

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A Little Bit About Villanova Law School

Villanova School of Law is the oldest Catholic law school in the great state of Pennsylvania, surrounded by positively Amish-like idyllic countryside, and close enough to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, to smell the cheese steaks cooking.  But even …

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AAGH! Law School Technology! Is Technophobia Hurting Law School Success?

There are plenty of things law school-related subjects that people complain about a lot: tuition, tough job markets, all that outlining. But legal scholar Oliver Goodenough has been discussing something he sees as more pressing: the lack of technology built …

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A Legal Horse of a Different Color: Some Numbers for Prelaw Optimists

First, for something completely different: have you ever heard the one about the psychologist studying a pessimistic and an optimistic kid? The psychologist puts the children into two different rooms: one room with filled with toys, the other with random …

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