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Do You Know Where You’re Going To? Pre-LSAT Prep Can Help.

I received a great text message two days ago: one of my tutoring students informed me that he was accepted to a number of law schools, including his number one choice! I immediately phoned him to offer my congratulations and…

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Careers in Law – Life as a Litigator

When we’re not talking specifically about the LSAT, one of the most common questions my students ask is “what did you do when you were a lawyer?” Thinking back on my own experience applying to law school (and I was…

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Choosing a Law School – Factors to Consider

The snow is starting to thaw, the birds are returning from the south and you need a break from your diligent LSAT studies. Spring is the perfect time to start your law school research.
For far too many prospective law…

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Arguing With a Purpose – Getting Ready for Logical Reasoning

Former NYC Mayor, Ed Koch died several weeks ago and his funeral was a who’s who of power and politics on both the New York and national levels. Koch was eulogized by many prominent leaders including President Bill Clinton, but…

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Legal Residency – probably not the wave of the future.

You aced  the LSAT, got great marks in your first two years of law school and are now pounding the pavement looking for a law firm to call home.  As we’ve examined in this Blog over the last month, you’re no…

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Is Law School Still Relevant?

There has been much discussion in the past few weeks over the decline in law school applications in legal publications as well as in lay publications, and here in our blog. Applications are down, as are jobs requiring a law…

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Law Schools – The Times, They Area A Changing!

This is an interesting time in the history of law school admissions to be considering taking the LSAT and applying to Law School. We talked about the decline in law school applications – projected to be about 20% less than…

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Hope for law grads? Is the job market improving?

Continuing our recent series of posts examining LSAT and law school application trends and the value of a law degree, today we’re going to look at a question I’m sure you’ve all been asking – what happens after graduation?

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Law School – is 2 years better than 3?

Yesterday’s New York Times published an article about a recently proposed change to New York Bar requirements. If adopted, the proposal would allow students who have finished 2 years of law school to write the New York Bar and become…

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LSAT Study Break – 4 Must See Movies

You’ve been studying for the LSAT so much that you dream about logic games. You just saw your favourite actor in a multimillion dollar commercial and all you can think about is the two logical flaws in the ad. While…

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