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Above the Law and Inside Law School: Recap of the 180 Live with Elie Mystal

Last night we had Above the Law blogger and law school provocateur Elie Mystal join us on the 180 Live! for a great conversation about the issues currently facing the legal education establishment and what you as a prospective student …

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SPOTLIGHT: Elie Mystal, our next 180 Live guest!

Finally we have Elie Mystal in our studio!  What should you know about Above the Law‘s Mystal, upcoming guest tonight on The 180 Live?  Well, he went to Harvard for his undergraduate degree, then double-downed on the …

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University of Michigan Law School Professor: Mental Value of a Legal Education

A University of Michigan School of Law Professor has released a paper explaining what he sees as another argument for law school value, and it has nothing to do with job statistics, earning potential, or how many years the actual …

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Law School Admissions SPOTLIGHT: Fordham University School of Law

In case you needed reminding, our super awesome 180 Live law school admissions survey episode is this Wednesday, 11/13, at 8:00 p.m., featuring our stellar admissions panel from NYU Law, UVA Law, Fordham Law, and UCLA Law. Today …

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Law School Admissions SPOTLIGHT: UVA School of Law

As you may know, our next 180 Live! episode is next week, and we want to make sure you are there to get all of the necessary information from our law school admissions experts, straight from our brand new admissions …

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Law School Admissions SPOTLIGHT: NYU School of Law

On November 13, we will be hosting a very special edition of the 180 Live to release the results of our admissions survey, featuring admissions experts from UVA Law, NYU Law, and Fordham Law.  Don’t miss it– remember to register …

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180 Live: Greatest Hits from Student Questions on Law School Applications

On Monday’s episode of the 180 live!, our scheduled guest, Elie Mystal, had to call out sick, which gave all the members of our illustrious audience an opportunity to ask in-depth questions of our host (and Kaplan Executive Director of …

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TONIGHT: break out the law school ranking discussion!

It would literally be impossible to be more excited about our episode of The 180 Live! tonight, unless there was going to be free pizza there.  Unfortunately in our virtual world, we are pizza-less, but what we do have …

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Join The Debate: Law School Rankings and Changes

As our loyal and wonderful blog-readers no doubt already know, we’re a little excited about our upcoming The 180 Live guest, Elie Mystal.  He will be joining Jeff Thomas, the host with the most, to hash out what changes …

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50 Best Law Blogs!

If you are in the habit of taking one day off a week from LSAT studying (something that we highly recommend), chances are high that Friday is that day.  In that spirit, we wanted to guide you toward’s list …

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