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the Weekly 180: Law School Options: Paid Internships & Joint Degree Programs

We’ve got stories from the legal world featuring everything from unique joint degree programs to fear-based law school lessons.  Let’s dive right in and keep all of you on top of the most important stories in law school options,…

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Corporate Attorney Salary

Law Careers: Corporate Lawyer Salary and Opportunities

As big law firms hire less associates, many current and future law students look toward corporate law as they investigate their possible careers in law– in order to save money themselves, many corporations have turned to in-house legal staff instead…

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the Weekly 180: High LSAT Scores & Cutting Law School Costs

This week we have had a plethora of law school news: from high LSAT scores to law school cost-cutting, things are once again in flux in the world of legal education.  We bring you all of the latest stories…

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10 Tips for Getting into Law School After Military Service

When it comes to military veterans—especially those with recent military experience, who are facing much higher unemployment rates than the general population—it’s no surprise that many of them are looking toward getting into law-school to improve their job outlook.

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Careers in Law: Outside the Practicing Lawyer Box

Careers in law are extremely varied, but many people assume they are restricted to practicing the law as an attorney.  Many JD holders use the skills they learned in law school in diverse careers in law and out of…

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Different Types of Lawyers: Big Firm Law Career Spotlight

Of all the different types of lawyers out there, the classic law career dream often involves a vision of a well-compensated, career-driven professional climbing the ladder at a high-powered law firm.  Big law firm jobs are still something many students are striving for…

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How to Become A Lawyer: Networking Tips

As you learn about how to become a lawyer, networking will inevitably come up.  Any attorney will tell you that networking is an invaluable tool in a good lawyer’s skill-set, and it is one that you can start honing right…

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Is Health Law Right For You? Job Description of a Healthcare Lawyer

What is the job description of a healthcare lawyer?
Despite a sluggish legal job market, some fields are seeing more growth than others. While our spotlight on patent law highlighted one lucrative area, health law is another legal field…

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What Is the Job Description of a Lawyer or Attorney? Be Your Own Boss!

Answering the question, “what is the job description of a lawyer or attorney” is not always easy—not just because lawyers and attorneys do all kinds of work in various areas and capacities—but because an increasing number of them also are…

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Different Types of Lawyers: Patent Attorney Career Spotlight

There are a lot of different types of lawyers out there, and getting a good read on what a career might really look like based on just a job description and general salary number can be hard.  Even more…

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