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Kaplan LSAT 180 Live! Get the Real Law School Facts

We are entering the later stages of the law school admissions cycle, which means that many of you extremely charming, clever, and good-looking people formerly known as antisocial LSAT preppers have been re-entering the land of the socially engaged… and …

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Arguments for Law School: Cultural Cachet

The Wall Street Journal’s law school blog discovered an argument in favor of law school that is probably familiar to most of us intuitively: that having a JD is still a valuable commodity culturally for many people.  Lucy Jewel, an …

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Looking at the Best Law Schools? Here’s Their Best Advice

As any loyal followers to our blog know (and you could start today if you haven’t already…:), our most recent episode of our online legal/prelaw talk show, the 180 Live, featured admissions experts from some of the best law schools …

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the180 live RECAP: the Breaking News in Law School Admissions

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 180 Live law school admissions survey episode, in which we dug deep into all the newest information from admissions experts from 127 schools!  We saw in-depth questions from all of you out …

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TONIGHT: break out the law school ranking discussion!

It would literally be impossible to be more excited about our episode of The 180 Live! tonight, unless there was going to be free pizza there.  Unfortunately in our virtual world, we are pizza-less, but what we do have …

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Rocking the Law School Application: The Personal Statement

As you’re working on the different elements of your law school application, get some tips from the admissions experts that joined us on the 180 Live in August!  Anne Richards of University of Virginia School of Law, Kenneth Kleinrock of …

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ReKap: 180 Live Law School Admissions Episode! The Key Points

Last night probably marked the greatest pre-law event Kaplan has ever had the privilege to host: the 180 Live Admissions Roundtable. We had four admissions experts from top-10 law schools discussing how exactly they choose who to admit, wait list, …

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180 Live Tonight! The Must-See Admissions Episode

Tonight is the event we’ve been waiting for all year: the 180 Live Law School Admissions Round Table. You might think we’re overstating how important an event like this is for prelaw students for marketing or other more cynical …

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New York Law School: The Nitty-Gritty

Taking in all the sights of New York City is definitely a lifetime’s pursuit, but at New York Law School (NYLS) you’ll be perfectly situated to get started. If you’re looking to be in the heart of New York City, …

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LSAT Procrastinators, Unite! June LSAT Application Acceptance

Just how desperate are law schools for qualified applicants? Desperate enough to start eyeballing the procrastinators out there, the National Law Journal reports – at least 25 American schools are considering June 2013 LSAT scores for fall 2013 admissions.

Applications …

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