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Survey Says… Two Year Law School!

Two Year Law School

Remember all that kerfuffle about Obama’s statements regarding how many years law school should be?  You’re not the only ones– and many people don’t realize that there are currently two year programs at some great law schools around the United …

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the180 live RECAP: the Breaking News in Law School Admissions

LSAT Score vs. Social Skills

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 180 Live law school admissions survey episode, in which we dug deep into all the newest information from admissions experts from 127 schools!  We saw in-depth questions from all of you out …

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Law School Admissions SPOTLIGHT: UVA School of Law

UVA Law: Kicking it like Jefferson since 1819.

As you may know, our next 180 Live! episode is next week, and we want to make sure you are there to get all of the necessary information from our law school admissions experts, straight from our brand new admissions …

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TONIGHT: break out the law school ranking discussion!

the180 live from Kaplan is tonight!

It would literally be impossible to be more excited about our episode of The 180 Live! tonight, unless there was going to be free pizza there.  Unfortunately in our virtual world, we are pizza-less, but what we do have …

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Rocking the Law School Application: The Transcript

How do law schools actually deal with the transcript piece of your application?  They dig deeper than you would ever guess!  Get informed about how each part of your academic record will be scrutinized by law school admissions teams.  Join …

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Join The Debate: Law School Rankings and Changes

Do law school rankings make any sense?

As our loyal and wonderful blog-readers no doubt already know, we’re a little excited about our upcoming The 180 Live guest, Elie Mystal.  He will be joining Jeff Thomas, the host with the most, to hash out what changes …

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I Want Money: Straightening Out Law School Financial Aid

Law School Financial Aid

At the back of every conversation about law school admissions, the financial implications of the law school decision lurk.  The decision to pursue a law school education is not a cheap or easy one for many people, and the debate …

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New Law School Rankings: Getting Your Count On

Business Insider Law School Rankings

We all know that law school rankings aren’t everything, and our upcoming 180 Live guest, Elie Mystal of Above the Law, has been one of the most vocal critics of ranking systems (including this critique of his own published law …

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Money, Law School, and Making It Count

Law school is expensive-- but is it worth it?

Michael Simkovic and Frank McIntyre published a paper called The Economic Value of a Law Degree in April of this year, partly to investigate the widespread claims in the media that the significant financial investment in a law degree was …

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LSAT Numbers: Are Times A-Changing At Top Schools?

397px-Yale_law_schoolOur friends at Above the Law have broken down some new statistics on fluctuating admissions numbers at top law schools– something our admissions experts addressed on the 180 Live earlier this week. Despite all of the hoopla surrounding low …

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