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Top Law Schools 2016: ‘US News and World Report’ Rankings Are In

Top Law Schools 2016: ‘US News and World Report’ Rankings Are In

The rankings are in—US News and World Report just announced its 2016 top law schools.

Staying on top of the top law schools in your field is an important part of your research as an educated law school applicant and …

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Study Environmental Law in the Great Outdoors

You have year-round tan lines, bruises are your badges of honor, and your idea of leisure is a five-mile hike. Climbing, cycling, fishing—whatever the activity, you need to be outdoors. You’re a nature lover … and you’re going to law …

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The Best Law Schools to Fit Your Foodie Lifestyle

You’ve been known to pontificate on the medicinal properties of turmeric, you can eye up just the right amount of fish sauce to add for that extra boost of umami, and you’re always first in line at the latest food

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The tech industry needs law students looking for careers in intellectual property.

From Intellectual Property to Information Policy: Law School for Techies

You would rather go days without seeing another human soul than endure a few hours without WiFi. You’re the first among your friends to get your hands on the latest iPhone, and when your mom calls, it’s usually for tech …

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9 Most Annoying Grammar Mistakes that College Students Make

By Megan Weyrauch
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Call the grammar police on this one. I get it, the English language is …

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How to Get Into Law School: A Comprehensive Checklist

Figuring out how to get into law school requires a lot of planning. Successful LSAT preparation always starts with the right state of mind; fall can be a busy time, and planning your schedule ahead can be a huge benefit– …

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Weekly 180: Law School News from Postponed Finals to Diversification

We hope everyone is having a joyous and healthy holiday season, and for those of you still in school, we wish for good tidings on your final exams! Still have a few more to go? Hang in there. Winter break, sleeping …

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The Worst Law School Personal Statement Openings—Ever

The law school personal statement is important—probably the most important qualitative factor in your application. Our phenomenal guests on the 180 Live—admissions deans from the very best schools in the country—often point to the personal statement as their entry

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Steps to a Law Career: Choosing the Right Law School

If you just took the December LSAT for fall admission, chances are you are scrambling to do some extra law school research so you can pick the most stellar school possible for your future law career.

For far too many …

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