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How Can I Get Into Law School? Ambition, Drive, and Good Decisions

Why is law school still a great decision for some people, even in the current economic climate? This is an important question to consider for anyone considering how to get into law school.

Ryan Calo, a University of Washington law professor, made …

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How to Reach Your LSAT Score: Labor Day Edition

Your LSAT score and Labor Day– they seem like two concepts that should not go together at all, but for many of you, working your LSAT practice is going to be a big part of your long weekend plans.  I …

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How to Become A Lawyer: Networking Tips

As you learn about how to become a lawyer, networking will inevitably come up.  Any attorney will tell you that networking is an invaluable tool in a good lawyer’s skill-set, and it is one that you can start honing …

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Throw Down: Necessary vs. Sufficient LSAT Assumption Questions

LSAT assumption questions are the backbone of the LSAT Logical Reasoning section— the argument principles underlying assumption questions form the basis of the whole shebang!  It makes sense that getting really, really good at assumptions will get us to …

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Getting Greedy: LSAT Reading Comp Tips

LSAT Reading Comp is many a student’s favorite section… when they start preparing. Why? It looks familiar (we’ve seen similar articles, and most of us have taken tests with reading comp), and most people can get some things right in …

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Logic Games Problems? Hack Your Way to Successful Studying

LSAT logic games problems are extremely common, especially at the beginning of your preparation process, because they are, straight up, the weirdest looking thing on the test. But even if you are great at games, good at games, or feeling …

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US News Law School Rankings: Reputation vs. Rank

You’ve heard us discuss the pros and cons of the US News law school rankings, and got to hear one of the list’s most vocal critics, Elie Mystal, hold forth on this month’s 180 Live.  One of the …

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Law School Application Deadlines Looming? Get Help!

Working to make your law school applications deadlines is part of the general holiday festivities for many law school hopefuls, as is waiting on December LSAT scores, studying for finals, and trying desperately to get a little celebration in edgewise.  …

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Arguments for Law School: Cultural Cachet

The Wall Street Journal’s law school blog discovered an argument in favor of law school that is probably familiar to most of us intuitively: that having a JD is still a valuable commodity culturally for many people.  Lucy Jewel, an …

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Real LSAT Practice Questions: Logical Reasoning

To effectively prepare for the LSAT, you need many, many LSAT practice questions, so we thought we’d start you off with a couple of real ones.  All of these questions come from a real, LSAC-released LSAT.  You should try each …

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