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Stuart Kovinsky

About Stuart Kovinsky

I'm Stuart Kovinsky, an out-of-the-closet LSAT geek from Toronto. I've been teaching for Kaplan for over 20 years (not counting a 5 year break to practice as a commercial litigator at a big Toronto firm) and, working both as a teacher and an admissions consultant, have coached a lot of students to their top choice schools. I'm also an ultimate frisbee enthusiast - when not in the classroom or behind the keyboard you'll often find me on the field.
Author Archive | Stuart Kovinsky

LSAT Distractions: the 7 Week Itch

When people study for the December or February LSAT, they almost always do so with a sense of urgency; up against application deadlines with little time to prep, it’s definitely go time. There’s a lot of stress involved in …

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Your LSAT got snowed out – what comes next?

When you were a little kid, snow days were awesome! Now, not so much, especially if you were all psyched up to write the LSAT on Saturday, but Mother Nature, J.D., had other plans. If you were supposed to write …

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Monty Python’s Formal Logic (LSAT Edition)

Everywhere on the LSAT – logic games, reading comp and logical reasoning – you’re provided with rules, facts, statistics: things we’ve been told to accept as true. It’s vital to remember that, at least for the purposes of answering the …

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Stranger than Fiction: TV Lawyers Take the LSAT

How did your favorite fictional lawyer do on the LSAT? In today’s post, we predict how some beloved television lawyers performed on the test of all tests.

Mike Ross, Suits

Fans of the show (and there are a lot of …

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How to Dominate the LSAT and Alienate People

Have your been studying for the LSAT a lot? Have your friends been avoiding you lately? Those two phenomena may be linked! How can you tell if your LSAT studies are affecting your relationships? Take the following quiz (Cosmo has …

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The Big Bang Theory Takes On the LSAT: The Mauve Dinosaur Postulate

I’m very excited – we’ve recently discovered a lost script from The Big Bang Theory – “The Mauve Tyrannosaur Postulate”! Apparently Penny is considering law school and, while studying for the LSAT, is trying to make sense of the infamous …

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When LSAT Wrong Answers Attack!

If you’ve ever taken a gander at Shark Week, you know that sharks aren’t cute; they’re not affectionate (unless you consider biting your legs off as a sign of affection, in which case you should probably see a relationship …

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LSAT Procrastinators, Unite! June LSAT Application Acceptance

Just how desperate are law schools for qualified applicants? Desperate enough to start eyeballing the procrastinators out there, the National Law Journal reports – at least 25 American schools are considering June 2013 LSAT scores for fall 2013 admissions.

Applications …

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Be a Formal Logic Superhero!

July is finally here – that means different things for different people. For example, if you’re a super hero fan, it means awesome summer blockbusters. If you’re a law school hopeful, it means bearing down on the LSAT, including formal …

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4 Angry Reviewers – The 180’s Take on Law Flicks

One of the toughest things for law students to do is strike the right balance – sure, law school is tough and there’s a lot of work involved, but you have to keep sight of the fact that you should …

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