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Lindsey Plyler

About Lindsey Plyler

Before I became an LSAT teacher and tutor, I prepped with Kaplan myself! Now, in addition to my own great experience, I am privileged to be a part of hundreds of students' success stories with Kaplan. I hold a BA in anthropology from Wellesley College and am currently pursuing my own law degree at Stetson University. When I'm not teaching and tutoring, my hobby is trying new restaurants, so I have also recently started training to run my first 5k!
Author Archive | Lindsey Plyler

In 2013, Resolve to Predict

10…9…8… the Countdown is on! Are you winding down toward the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013? Reflecting thoughtfully on last year’s ups and downs, promising yourself to make positive changes in the New Year? Perhaps simply …

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Got a Hot Date with the LSAT

AAAAAH finals AAAAH finals AAAAAH… such is the din in my mind these days. Winding down the law school semester is an entirely different exam experience from what I went through at the undergraduate level: instead of crunching and repeating …

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LSAT: A Quick Note on Pacing

… “quick” being the operative word. LSAT test takers may be tempted to focus exclusively (or at least largely) on improving their scores by working faster, with the goal of answering more questions before time is called. But, like good …

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I’m Thankful I Can Take a Break from Studying for the LSAT!

This week, as our families gather together to give thanks and get stuffed on … well, stuffing, we must remember the less fortunate. Oh, I know, you’ve already donated canned goods and signed up to serve at a community Thanksgiving …

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“Fall back” on Your Internal Clock


It is well-known to my family and friends that my very favorite day of the year is the end of Daylight Savings Time, when that extra hour, because I’ll be fast asleep with my eyes shut tight.) This year, …

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Score! Now what?

There’s nothing worse than the wait between Test Day and the day you receive your LSAT scores… well, there are worse things, of course, but still! It’s pretty bad! Finally, this week, the wait (worry?) will end as October test …

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CTRL+ALT+DELETE? Not in Law School Admissions

As a high school teacher, a law student, and an aspiring part-time domestic goddess, I am constantly running on fumes. Yet I always seem to make time for that time-suck of our times, Facebook. Scandalous status updates, political tirades, baby …

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I’m conflicted about the recent release of iPhone 5: on one hand, iPhone 4 is my very BiFF, but on the other hand, I’m not outdoorsy. I don’t ‘rough it’ for recreation, and I’m certainly not going to camp …

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Taking the LSAT? Take some “Me Time”

Many of you are taking the LSAT this Saturday- congratulations on that, because I know it’s been a long road of practice and preparation. Rather than taking your time with a longer blog on last-minute strategy, I’m going to recommend …

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Making the Right Call on the LSAT

Fall is such a special time of year: crisp air, trees lit up with color, pumpkin-everything… all of these seasonal signs are speculative for me, of course, because, here in Florida, there is little discernible difference between fall and summer …

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