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Large Firm Job Hopes? Your Law School Choice Can Make a Difference

According to a recent Kaplan survey, roughly four out of ten law school applicants are expecting to work for a large law firm.  But, are these expectations realistic?

As the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog points out, far fewer …

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The Form of Logic

Formal logic is a skill that is very important, and highly tested, on the LSAT.  Formal logic will appear in three of the four scored sections of the exam.  First, formal logic appears in almost every analytical reasoning, which …

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Life as a 1L: Supplements…Worth It or Not?

This is what awaits you as a 1L

Its mid to late September, you have heard other people mention terms like Hornbook or Treatise.  However, the people you likely hear talking about them are other 1L’s that have a …

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Accepted! Now What?

So the acceptance letter has come and gone, and the buzz and excitement is now turning to a bit of apprehension and anxiety.  Majority of 1L’s feel this way around the August and September months of their 1L year.…

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Assumptions: Bridging & the Art of Negation

Assumption questions are a huge part of the Logical Reasoning portion of the LSAT, which makes up two, out of the four, graded sections.  So (keyword, indicating conclusion), it is something every LSAT taker must master.  The good news, …

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Logic Games, Law School, Puzzles & Mysteries

Initially, test takers consider logic games often the most intimidating section of the LSAT, primarily because of their unfamiliarity. For the majority of students, the time element of 4 games in 35 minutes is the biggest problem. That is …

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2 Months to Test Day: Reducing Stress on the LSAT

As an initial disclaimer, it should be stated that everyone handles stress and reduces stress in different ways.So this writing will be somewhat subjective based on my take on stress.However, this blog will also be partially objective based on the …

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A Logical Approach to Logical Reasoning on the LSAT

From the beginning, students often see the logical reasoning section as the most intuitive section of the exam.If this is how you feel, or felt, when you first begin studying for the LSAT then good for you.

The logical reasoning

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LSAT Logical Reasoning In-Depth: Method of Argument

This May, we continue to explore the section of the LSAT that counts most on test day: Logical Reasoning. Continuing our series from March – we’ll cover some of the section’s toughest content throughout the weeks ahead. Check out more

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LSAT Beat the Clock: Reading Comprehension

The LSAT presents a myriad of challenges for test-takers. Some find reading comprehension difficult to slug through; others find logic games particularly challenging; while other still are stymied by the complexities and variances of logical reasoning questions. But almost universally,

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