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Canceling Your LSAT Score – Making the Decision

Ideally, every person who takes the LSAT goes into the testing center, takes the test, and leaves feeling confident that great results will follow. However, it’s inevitable that some test takers will succumb to the pressure of Test Day and …

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The Week Before The LSAT

LSAT Test Day is right around the corner! This is when tensions get high and the pressure of taking the exam can start to take its toll on test takers. That stress, however, can only impede your final preparations. That …

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LSAT: The Importance of Reading Comp Keywords

One of the most common complaints about the LSAT is the perceived lack of time to complete a section. This is especially true for Reading Comprehension. Many test takers cite being a “slow reader” as the reason it’s so difficult …

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Formal LSAT Logic – The Unless Dilemma

Given a statement in “if X, then Y” format, most people are perfectly comfortable writing it down in shorthand (X → Y) and forming the contrapositive (No Y → No X). However, there’s one formal logic keyword that distracts and …

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LSAT Logical Reasoning: Stem or Stimulus – What To Read First

Anyone familiar with Kaplan’s Method for Logical Reasoning knows that we recommend reading the question stem before reading (or untangling, as we like to say) the stimulus. This isn’t just some arbitrary decision; it’s a reasoned recommendation that merits justification.…

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The LSAT: Is there any better exam? No.

The LSAT is a meticulously constructed exam that tests one’s ability to analyze arguments, follow rules of logic, and separate fact from opinion. The test includes 35 minutes devoted to playing games, reasoned cases showing the absurdity of illogical claims, …

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