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Scoring Higher on LSAT Reading Comprehension

Scoring Higher on LSAT Reading Comprehension

Like all sections of the exam, LSAT reading comprehension presents its own unique challenges. Without right strategy, slogging through difficult passages can seriously hamper your LSAT score.

LSAT reading comprehension strategy

Pre-law students encountering reading comprehension for the first time …

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Good News on the Job Market – Health Care Lawyers Needed!

No doubt that the news about the job market for lawyers has been dismal over the past few months. It seems, though, there is a ray of hope particularly for people entering law school. According to Crain’s Cleveland Business new …

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AAGH! Law School Technology! Is Technophobia Hurting Law School Success?

There are plenty of things law school-related subjects that people complain about a lot: tuition, tough job markets, all that outlining. But legal scholar Oliver Goodenough has been discussing something he sees as more pressing: the lack of technology built …

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State vs. State: Where Law Jobs Are Hiding

There has been no shortage of reports on how poor the job market is for law school graduates admitted to the bar. Now, according to a new study conducted by Matt Leichter, an attorney who writes for the blog Law …

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LSAT Sequencing Games: A Game of Knowns

When the LSAT test-makers create logic games, they set up what they comically believe to resemble real life situations. In theory, at least, this is supposed to make the games easier, particularly sequencing games, the most common LSAT game …

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To Test or Not to Test – Should you take the June LSAT?

It’s crunch time! The June administration of the LSAT is a mere 5 days away and many people thinking about test day are wondering: Should or shouldn’t I take the exam? How should the decision be made?

It is important …

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Test Day is Coming – Are You Ready?

As we turn the page of the calendar from May to June, we begin the serious countdown to the June test. With just about ten days to test day, do you feel ready?  At this point there are some things …

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The Pillar of Assumptions: Necessity

Last week we took a stroll back in time and looked at the disco age and remembered Donna Summer’s song “Enough is Enough”. In the context of the LSAT it is important, shall we even say necessary, to be able …

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Enough is Enough?

Anyone know the old Donna Summer song from the disco era? The refrain was “enough is enough is enough”.  But is enough, enough?  When prepping for the LSAT it is critical to understand the concept of enough and to be …

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Ethnicity and the LSAT

In addition to administering the LSAT, LSAC (the Law School Admission Council) looks at the test and test-takers and then puts together statistics based on its studies. LSAC looked at the effect of gender on LSAT performance as well as …

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