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180Live: Law School Application and Admissions Survey Results TONIGHT!

Law School Admissiongs Episode

Just a reminder for all of you out there that our law school admissions survey spectacular!  spectacular!  is tonight on the 180 Live, at 8:00p.m. EST.  We will be discussing all the biggest questions out there, including those that our students and followers submitted via social media.  Our illustrious panel:


These experts on the law school admissions scene will be debating and discussing the answers to our new survey of 127 different law schools, so expect hot-off-the-presses brand new information that will help your application be as competitive as possible.

Some of the questions we asked:

  • How likely is it that your law school will contract its class size for the 2014 incoming class?
  • Do you think the U.S. legal education system needs to undergo significant changes to better prepare future attorneys?
  • How many law schools are making changes to their curriculums to make students more practice ready?
  • Do you agree the LSAT is important to law schools because it plays a key role in determining a law school’s ranking
  • Do you agree with President Obama that law school should be two years?

Register now if you have not already, and we’ll see you tonight!

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