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ReKap: Writing Sample Strategies

Though this video is a bit old, the information is still extremely valuable and worth another view (or a first watch).

A copy of your LSAT Writing Sample is sent to every school you apply to. Don’t you think it’s worth knowing everything you can do to make those samples the most attractive?  Kaplan’s Glen Stohr, J.D., reveals tips about what Law School Admissions officers want to see in your LSAT Writing Sample.

Don’t miss this clip. If you care about making an impression on the schools you’re applying to, this is a must watch. Law School Admissions Officers use the LSAT Writing Sample to asses your ability to absorb fact patterns, determine how well you follow directions, and evaluate whether you clearly support each point by citing facts from the fact patterns given on the Writing Sample prompt. Let this video help you!

If you loved its advice, let us know with a comment below. Or perhaps you’ve taken the LSAT and have some of your own advice to offer. Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear it.  For more videos discussing the LSAT and Law School, check out Kaplan’s LSAT YouTube page, it’s filled with great content just as great as this video above.

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