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Covering Your Digital Trail: Social Media, Law School, and You

Last week, on our Graduate Advisor Blog, one of MCAT writers posted an interesting article, “Can a Tweet Keep You Out of Medical School?” Though it’s aimed toward Pre-Health advisors and students, I think the article is very relevant to all students applying for law and graduate school.

It gave some great points on how to prep your social media accounts so schools you’ve applied to don’t disregard your application. This reminded me of our own discussion with admission deans social media while applying for law school during one of Kaplan’s many LSAT 180 Events.

As you’d expect, their points are very similar to that of the Medical School article. It’s wise to keep those profiles clean. Learn ways to best manage your social media over at the Grad Advisor Blog, and watch the video above to hear the opinion of several dean of admissions. Great stuff!

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