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A Little Bit About Villanova Law School

Villanova School of Law is the oldest Catholic law school in the great state of Pennsylvania, surrounded by positively Amish-like idyllic countryside, and close enough to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, to smell the cheese steaks cooking.  But even all of those compelling facts don’t give us everything we need to know about ‘Nova Law, and there’s nothing future lawyers love more than getting to the bottom of all the facts.

First, the dry stuff…

  • 2013 graduates: 258
  • Tuition per year: $38,910.
  • 57.42% of 2012 graduates employed in jobs requiring bar passage
  • Median undergraduate GPA: 3.51
  • Median LSAT score: 158.
  • Median private sector starting salary: $65,000
  • Median public service starting salary: $48,000.

Now, the meaty stuff:

Villanova prides itself in building up not just the lawyerly know-how of its students, but the fundamental skills necessary to be as awesome as Sam Waterston on a really rocking episode of Law and Order.  It’s not all go-for-the-jugular cross-examination in the legal world, so Villanova pushes mandatory special programs in negotiation, mediation, and conciliation, as well as a myriad of clinical opportunities so students can get their hands dirty in some real legal muckery. For those of you who are a little more smackdown-inclined, extracurriculars include experiencing the courtroom through activities like upper-level Reimel Moot Court Competition, which pits students against members of the Villanova Moot Court Team in litigatory combat.  If you have always pictured yourself in the wide world of sports, but lacked the physique, energy level, or other necessary factor required to get on the field or court, check out the Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law, home of one of the few sports law-centric programs in American law schools.

Next, the fun stuff:

If you’re looking to kick back with the rest of the ‘Nova crowd, consider heading over to Erin’s Pub, a popular hangout for students from all across campus.  On game day, head to a pub of a different flavor, Maloney’s, a local sports bar that is second only to an actual ticket to the game.  If a pub crawl is not what you’re in the mood for don’t forget to check out the 40+ student organizations offered to Villanova law students, from the Art Law Society to the Honor Board.  Flesh out that resume!

Official cultural/academic/healthy options and recommendations include Fairmount Park, home to the Mann Center for the Performing Arts and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s also a great place for such celebrate-because-you’re-still-in-school activities like disc golf and rollerblading. On the first Friday of the month, consider making ye olde trekke to Old City Philadelphia and getting your Ferris Bueller-style appreciation on in the many art galleries, which open their doors for free to the public on that day.  For those feeling the need for speed (or just the need to hit the road and get away from it all), Washington, D.C. and New York City are each just two hours away (in opposite directions). 

Finally, the after-you-graduate stuff:

The Villanova Career Strategy & Advancement Office maintains that each student deserves individualized attention, and with that goal in mind employs an advisor-student buddy system to ensure students are meeting their goals career-wise through summer internships and networking opportunities.  In addition to regular appointments with your actual bona fide buddy advisor, you also get access to the full resources of the center itself, so when you are about to run screaming down the street because you are sure you’ll never amount to anything, run through the doors at the Career Office instead.  The always surprisingly helpful staff are sure to offer you a resume tweak or job fair information that will give you new hope and the strength to fight on (or at least, outline on).

So, now you know a lot of stuff about the Villanova School of Law… and it definitely has little bit of everything to offer, from healthy competition to coordinated teamwork to access to Philadelphia Eagles games. Remember to practice the very lawyerly sounding skill of due diligence; if you’re considering Villanova, check out their resources online and do some research of your own.  Maybe it’s what you’ve been looking for all along.

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