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What are Law School Admissions Committees really looking for?

Ok, let’s start at the top…

The Admissions Committee has a two-fold goal: to bring in as competitive of a class as possible, while bringing in as diverse of a class as possible.

There’s no question that each school is looking for the strongest LSAT and GPA. At the same time, the last thing the Committee wishes to do is bring in a class in which everyone is from the same hometown, same high school, same college and same major. It makes for very boring classroom discussion. Instead, they’re looking for applicants who:

  • Are in-state and out-of-state
  • Attended private universities, state universities and community colleges
  • Majored in biology, math, music, accounting, history, engineering, English, foreign language
  • Just graduated from undergraduate school, as well as those who’ve been out of school one year, five years, ten years and twenty years

So what does this mean for you? Be comfortable knowing that there is no mold that you have to fit. A common mistake made by applicants is crafting an application that reinforces what the applicant thinks law school admissions committees want to hear. The committee doesn’t expect you to be an expert on the legal system, nor do they want to hear you pontificate on what your views are of the law (a major turn-off). Use your application to embrace your uniqueness, and combine that with your passion for earning a JD. Each stage of the application process (from writing personal statements to securing strong letters of recommendation) allows you an opportunity to showcase your unique story and your drive. We’ll address each piece of the application further in future blogs.

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