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The LSAT: Is there any better exam? No.

The LSAT is a meticulously constructed exam that tests one’s ability to analyze arguments, follow rules of logic, and separate fact from opinion. The test includes 35 minutes devoted to playing games, reasoned cases showing the absurdity of illogical claims, and passages on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to mind-reading pigeons. How can you not love it?

Still, year after year, people study for this exam chanting an all-too-familiar mantra: “I hate this test.” Unfortunately for these people, that line of thinking leads to frustration and, ultimately, an inability to perform well on the test. Lower performance leads to even more frustration, which leads to even lower performance. It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s time to drop this mentality. To borrow a line from the great Stanley Kubrick, it’s time we learned to stop worrying and love the LSAT. Accept the test for what it is: a fascinating exam that requires one to strip away knowledge in favor of pure, unadulterated logic. It’s that kind of unbiased thinking that will make people the best lawyers.

In the upcoming weeks, I look forward to discussing skills of the test (how do you translate logic with that annoying “unless”), section strategies (why do we recommend reading the question first in Logical Reasoning), and test day issues (what happens if you’re waitlisted for a test site). I welcome all comments and questions and look forward to many weeks (months? years?!) of LSAT conversation.

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    your explanation of the LSAT is the best I have ever heard. Thank you for your honesty

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