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Do You Need the LSAT to Go To Law School? The Real Story

This week Bloomberg Business published an article about a new phenomenon: law schools that don’t require an LSAT score for admission.  Unsurprisingly, the ears of every prospective law student across the country perked.  Think pieces, new plans, excited prognostications for

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Weekly 180: Judges, Law School Admissions Without the LSAT?, and More!

Can you believe it’s March already? That means one thing…the February administration of the LSAT is in the books and test takers are excitedly (anxiously?) awaiting their results.  One thing you won’t have to wait any longer for though are …

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The Best Law Schools to Fit Your Foodie Lifestyle

You’ve been known to pontificate on the medicinal properties of turmeric, you can eye up just the right amount of fish sauce to add for that extra boost of umami, and you’re always first in line at the latest food

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Weekly 180: The Great Law School Mergers, Getting into Law School LSAT-Free, and More

Has February gloom got you down? Does the fact that our next national holiday isn’t until the end of May make you weepy? (Me too!). That’s no excuse to not be on top of what’s going on the law school …

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The tech industry needs law students looking for careers in intellectual property.

From Intellectual Property to Information Policy: Law School for Techies

You would rather go days without seeing another human soul than endure a few hours without WiFi. You’re the first among your friends to get your hands on the latest iPhone, and when your mom calls, it’s usually for tech …

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The Music Lover’s Guide to Law School: Rocking a Career in Entertainment Law

Your inner ears feel naked without earbuds; you laugh in Pandora’s general direction when generating a party playlist, and Pitchfork reviews are your bedtime stories. You love music more than anything… and you’re going to law school. Fortunately, choosing

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9 Most Annoying Grammar Mistakes that College Students Make

By Megan Weyrauch
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Call the grammar police on this one. I get it, the English language is …

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Weekly 180: Law School Admissions and Transfer Students, Diversity Problems

On the bright side, January is done! Personally, I think it’s the worst month of the year. Holidays are over, it’s cold, it gets dark super early, etc. Not that February is much better, but we’re here to brighten and …

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Predicting the February LSAT: Your Questions Answered

Our LSAT content development team joined us in the studio last night to predict exactly what you will see if you are taking the February LSAT next weekend.  Check out the full video if you missed the event– for those …

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